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Paris Travel Guide

Q: I shall travelling from Abbeville to Orleans on Aug 15th 2011. Can I reasonably expect there to be Diesel available for refuelling please?
A: Yes. It is about a 3 hour drive and there are plenty of fuel service areas on the excellent French motorways. Try to stop either before or after Paris though. Alternatively, take the National roads instead which are much more picturesque and have no toll charges.

Virtual Tour of Monmatre, Sacre-Coeur basilica, Paris, France
 Traveler Reviews and Information
Cida Araujo says:
"Paris! Cidade para curtir, viver o momento, olhar para céu, independente de sua cor e enxergar o brilho e a luz da vida ! "
Noelia Maria says:
"Paris is a beutiful city to visit with wide streets. I recommend Mont-Martre, where you can see bohemian painters, Eiffel-tower with the gardens and the views of Sena river. It`s wonderful. "
James says:
"I go to the Sacre Coeur every time I go to Paris, it is a brilliant church, very beautiful and very atmospheric. It is only a short walk from the Gare Du Nord, up a hill (lots of steps), or you can get a cable train (?). A must see building in Paris. "
Gabriella says:
"Paris has some parts that can look like england, some rich and sophisticated. It seems like a great place to be. "
Kelly says:
"I accidently stumbled upon this beauty on a gorgeous late-Spring day. Live music performers, hundreds of people hanging out on the steps singing along, and breath-taking views. What a treat!"
Hayley says:
"Visted Paris for New Years in 2008/2009, and it was absolutely wonderful! So many great sites and tasty food! I would recommend a tour of the catacombs they are really neat!"
Apetrei Maricel Eugen says:
"I plan on going there soon! What an excitment!"
Alison Hayes says:
"Great views over Paris from the top of these steps. "
Suzanne McGuire says:
"Sipping red wine on the steps of the basilica as the new year arrived was the most wonderful experience of my life. "
Alan Wright says:
"We were at Sacre Couer on Good Friday & altho' we are not Catholic, the procession & hymns were hugely moving. The building itself ....... stunning, particularly from a distance. "
Judith Parmet says:
"Paris becomes a living leggo until the horizon. At the base of its steps it's fun to explore the neighborhood, especially the night life after dark. Does The Black Panther still exist? "
Vicki Loftus says:
"What an amazing city this is. The climb up all those steps is worth it for the view alone. A must see for any visitor. "
Anthony Gerrard says:
"Take an umbrella, in Paris it even rains when the weather is hot!"
Louise Cannings says:
"Nightlife is brilliant. Eiffel tower is a MUST DO!!!!! "
Philip Lake says:
"For a new view of the city search on You Tube for the 1976 Claude Lelouch short film, "C'était un rendez-vous". You ride in a car illegally driven at speeds approaching 140 km/h across Paris to Montmartre at dawn. It sure beats a Coach Tour."
Bob Thompson says:
"See the impressionists at the musee d'orsay. Life changing"
Nicola Knight says:
"I wonder when that was filmed because both times I've been there it was completely packed with people. Even with the crowds it is a must visit."
miks doroja says:
"Since Paris is the fashion capital of the world, who wouldn't want to go there? With the romantic Eiffel Tower and the chic fashion, i definitely have to get there, someday."
lisa says:
"We loved watching the artists at night - they did both characatures and beautiful art. Perhaps one day we will recognize one of them as having 'made it'?"
Marius says:
"Great view, great city, great nightlife :)"
Olivia Austin says:
"I absolutely LOVE the sites in Paris! And this is one of the good ones!"
Jean Williams says:
"Standing on the steps beneath the basilica and looking at the views of Paris stretching out below has to be one of the most special experiences in the world. A must see!"

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