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Paris Travel Guide

Q: How do I find fetes in Northern France at the end of July and August?
A: This site is a good starting point: http://www.northernfrance-tourism.com

Virtual Tour of Monmatre, Sacre-Coeur basilica, Paris, France
 Traveler Reviews and Information
Cida Araujo says:
"Paris! Cidade para curtir, viver o momento, olhar para céu, independente de sua cor e enxergar o brilho e a luz da vida ! "
Noelia Maria says:
"Paris is a beutiful city to visit with wide streets. I recommend Mont-Martre, where you can see bohemian painters, Eiffel-tower with the gardens and the views of Sena river. It`s wonderful. "
James says:
"I go to the Sacre Coeur every time I go to Paris, it is a brilliant church, very beautiful and very atmospheric. It is only a short walk from the Gare Du Nord, up a hill (lots of steps), or you can get a cable train (?). A must see building in Paris. "
Gabriella says:
"Paris has some parts that can look like england, some rich and sophisticated. It seems like a great place to be. "
Kelly says:
"I accidently stumbled upon this beauty on a gorgeous late-Spring day. Live music performers, hundreds of people hanging out on the steps singing along, and breath-taking views. What a treat!"
Hayley says:
"Visted Paris for New Years in 2008/2009, and it was absolutely wonderful! So many great sites and tasty food! I would recommend a tour of the catacombs they are really neat!"
Apetrei Maricel Eugen says:
"I plan on going there soon! What an excitment!"
Alison Hayes says:
"Great views over Paris from the top of these steps. "
Suzanne McGuire says:
"Sipping red wine on the steps of the basilica as the new year arrived was the most wonderful experience of my life. "
Alan Wright says:
"We were at Sacre Couer on Good Friday & altho' we are not Catholic, the procession & hymns were hugely moving. The building itself ....... stunning, particularly from a distance. "
Judith Parmet says:
"Paris becomes a living leggo until the horizon. At the base of its steps it's fun to explore the neighborhood, especially the night life after dark. Does The Black Panther still exist? "
Vicki Loftus says:
"What an amazing city this is. The climb up all those steps is worth it for the view alone. A must see for any visitor. "
Anthony Gerrard says:
"Take an umbrella, in Paris it even rains when the weather is hot!"
Louise Cannings says:
"Nightlife is brilliant. Eiffel tower is a MUST DO!!!!! "
Philip Lake says:
"For a new view of the city search on You Tube for the 1976 Claude Lelouch short film, "C'était un rendez-vous". You ride in a car illegally driven at speeds approaching 140 km/h across Paris to Montmartre at dawn. It sure beats a Coach Tour."
Bob Thompson says:
"See the impressionists at the musee d'orsay. Life changing"
Nicola Knight says:
"I wonder when that was filmed because both times I've been there it was completely packed with people. Even with the crowds it is a must visit."
miks doroja says:
"Since Paris is the fashion capital of the world, who wouldn't want to go there? With the romantic Eiffel Tower and the chic fashion, i definitely have to get there, someday."
lisa says:
"We loved watching the artists at night - they did both characatures and beautiful art. Perhaps one day we will recognize one of them as having 'made it'?"
Marius says:
"Great view, great city, great nightlife :)"
Olivia Austin says:
"I absolutely LOVE the sites in Paris! And this is one of the good ones!"
Jean Williams says:
"Standing on the steps beneath the basilica and looking at the views of Paris stretching out below has to be one of the most special experiences in the world. A must see!"

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