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Oslo Travel Guide

Q: How long is the flight from Kenya to Norway?
A: Flights from Nairobi to Oslo via Amsterdam with Kenya Airways & Klm take about 12 hours in total.

Virtual Tour of the National Gallery, featuring paintings by Edward Munch, Oslo, Norway
 Traveler Reviews and Information
Anthony Jones says:
"Go to the radisson sas hotel, it has a panoramic bar on the 32nd floor, the views are spectacular"
Rochelle Lear says:
"I spent 3 months living in Oslo and it is a fantastic city. The public transport is clean and efficient, you can buy 1 week or 1 month travel cards and they are quite reasonable, the public transport guide book is easy to follow. Alcohol is expensive, £5 a beer, £20+ for a bottle of wine [if you go out], but if you are staying in or visiting friends try the Vinmonopolet [store] where bottles of wine start at £5! Visit the park, where there are many statues, and the docks where the seafood is amazing, try a restaurant called rorbua, for best prices. Summer is the best time to go, temperatures start going down in October time and winter brings very deep snow which stays for at least 3 months...unless you like winter sports! Also, Summer time, you have more daylight hours, winter can be a bit depressing!"
David Pritchard says:
"Before I went to Oslo, I used to wonder why Munch always depicted the citizens of Oslo as having faces set in expressions of grim anguish. I soon realised once I got there that they were probably hungry as it can cost a small fortune to buy a meal there. But still, the scenery soon takes away the hunger pangs as the long summer nights stretch towards midnight and the light really does take on the rich hues of a Munch painting."
Kerenina Lykins says:
"Oslo is a fantastic place to visit but make sure you go in the summer or autumn, so you can fully appreciate this beautiful city! But beware, this is one tough city on your pocket book!"

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