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Orlando, FL Travel Guide

Q: How many miles are travelled by tourists on foot every year?
A: Goodness knows. But here is our go at a guess: average of 1 million people on holiday on any given day, each walking an average of 3 miles per day... equals well over 1,000,000,000 miles per year.

Virtual Tour of Embassy Suites Orlando International Drive Jamaican Court - atrium, Orlando, FL, United States
 Traveler Reviews and Information
Hannah White says:
"blimey... how big is this place, it is so elegant neat, clean and tidy its as if nobody has ever been in there its like brand new and i would love to visit very soon "
tom winchester says:
"Had a fantastic time. We are looking forward to another trip here next year. What a staff!"
hayley says:
"Beautiful Fort Lauderdale is known as the Venice of America because the city has 185 miles of local waterways."
Connie A Clark says:
"This looks amazing! Florida is our destination of choice at least once every two years and the Orlando/Kissimmee area is our favourite so far! "
Steve Hood says:
"Absolutely WONDERFUL hotel! Staff were all very friendly, and there was alot of attractions really close by for the whole family to visit and enjoy!"
Dorothy Martin says:
"Definitely not just for the kids. A holiday in Florida will be enjoyed by everyone no matter what age. Just make sure you have comfortable footwear because you will do a lot of walking. "
Connie Clark says:
"Florida has been our destination of choice for many years and will continue to be into the forseeable future!"
Michelle Bruce says:
"OMG Florida!!! Once you've been you cannot imagine holidaying anywhere else EVER!"
Richard Barker says:
"Florida is a lovely holiday resort but also a place where you can live maybe once your retired. It stunning views and great weather really makes Florida a great place. Florida is definetly worth the entrance fee and is perfect for a few weeks of relaxation by the pool."
Adrian Pearce says:
"Florida is a holiday that caters for everyone whether it be shopping, theme parks, water sports, adventure... you name it, they will have it. The best holiday destination you will ever go to."

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