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New York City, NY Travel Guide

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Virtual Tour of Empire State building at night, New York City, NY, United States
 Traveler Reviews and Information
Alexandru Totir says:
"Everyone can see this panorama of NY from the 86th-floor or 102nd floor observation decks of Empire State Building for just a few dollars. I highly recommend everyone visiting the city not to miss this. The view from this height is one of the most amazing in the entire world!"
Eleanor Croft says:
"Probably my favourite city in all the world. Enormous city but without the anonymity of London; proud New Yorkers will stop and help bewildered tourists (as I found out when I was lost trying to find the Empire State Building - I was in fact standing beneath it!!) . A magical place to enjoy shopping, food and walks with friends and loved ones."
Abhineet singh says:
"one of the most busiest and richest city of the world with a gr8 advancement in the field of technology. its a lovely place with so much to look at and such huge ardhitected buildings and with the city prospering and becoming wealthy day by day .its the uttermost in the world and in U.S.A. love u NYC"
Abhineet singh says:
"just such a nice place to spend vacations. its a gr8 city and NYC STANDS FOR NATURAL YOUTHNESS with a CARING OUTLOOK. LOVE U NYC."
Jason Roseman says:
"NYC has definitely earned the title "Greatest City in the World"!"
Natalie Austin says:
"i think new york has wonderful and breathtaking views if i was going on holiday i would choose new york"
Mark Showler says:
"It's only when you stand at the top of the Empire State Building that you fully appreciate how big the 'Big Apple' really is. Whether it's shopping on 5th Avenue, or exploring the myriad of bargins in Chinatown, make sure you take a big bite out of this city. "
Emma Tustian says:
"The best way to see NYC is to view the city from the top of the Empire State Building (or Rockefeller) at both day and night.'"

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