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New York City, NY Travel Guide

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Virtual Tour of South Street seaport, New York City, NY, United States
 Traveler Reviews and Information
Sarath Avasarala says:
"The view is really fantastic and i am going to add these to my blog "
Thelma says:
"NYC is the place to take a roadtrip to with a bunch of your friends. There's so many people so there's a guarantee you'll meet some interesting people. & there's some good food. NYC is seriously the melting pot of the world. You can find so many cultures sitting right next to each other. "
Hannah White says:
"i sooooo want to go to the big apple just think of all the shopping you could do, and the people are so friendly too i love the american accent. must go! "
Kelly says:
"New York is a must-go! The city takes on a life of it's own."
Michelle Williamson says:
"The hustle and bustle will keep you entertained for the duration of your stay. Stay as long as you can...there is so much to see and do!"
John Dancy Jr says:
"I stop by the seaport whenever I'm passing the city (on my way to Brooklyn) It's fun and I like looking out to the river. And the foods great!"
hayley says:
"I would love to spend new years in New York!"
James Dyble says:
"Must visit before I die!"
Georgia Willan says:
"New york looks very good from this virtal tour and i think that i would like to go their one day!"
Michelle Firth says:
"I felt like a kid in a candy shop when I visited. Sights from tv and film made this an amazing holiday destination! "
Vicki Loftus says:
"I love South Street Seaport. I had the best Philly Cheese Steak ever here! "
Donna Brown says:
"Lovely City, Quite busy though. But it is worth the veiws and site seeing. "
Louise says:
"Everyone has to go to new york at least once in their life to experience real hustle and bustle."
Karen Gani says:
"The people, The sights, the smells. South street seaport holds the heart of nyc. From the beautiful and quaint street shops and restaurants, to the street-side theatre concerts. Seaport has it all! If you havent been there, you have not yet experienced NY in all its glory."
Mariels says:
"Southstreet Seaport is amazing during the summer. The crowds, the foods, the wide variety of music. Great place to catch a free show."
Bryan Alford says:
"We stayed at the Waldorf Hotel and despite the hotel showing its age it was tremendous experience evoking the history associated with the hotel. New York is a great city to walk and now a days a lot safer than it used to be if you're sensible."
Jeremy Wilson says:
"I used to work just up the road from South Street Seaport and after 9/11 I used to catch the boat up the East River back to my apartment - the perfect way to end a long day at work !"
James Foster says:
"In my opinion, no food anywhere in the world can match what is served in New York. Fresh food, fast service and amazing flavours."
miks doroja says:
"New York's got hectic streets, but, that's what makes it great. Without all of the people in those streets, New York wouldn't be any fun."
Samantha McIntyre says:
"I think it's the best view EVER!! :)"

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