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Virtual Tour of Little Italy, New York City, NY, United States
 Traveler Reviews and Information
Alexandru Totir says:
"If you are visiting Little Italy in NY you should not miss the Italian dishes, of course. There's no other place in NY where you can find Italian food as good as here. It is located in Lower Manhattan very close to Chinatown."
julie swift says:
"What better place than new york to see so much variety! there is something for everyone here. From the museums and art galleries to the out of this world shopping... it surely must count as the number one holiday venue."
Ellie Lane says:
"I was lucky enough to spend a few days in New York a couple of years back. It wasn't long enough, you need WEEKS to do it justice. And in spite of their reputation I found New Yorkers really friendly, never felt uneasy at all."
Alison Davies says:
"We went one March for my 50th birthday. It was freezing cold and my husband caught a chill. BUT WE LOVED IT!"
Steven Daly says:
"Go to NYC and see the world interact in vibrant colour... a mixture of rich and poor young and old. A cultural masterpiece and a lifetime must for any seasoned traveler. The world in one city... works rests and plays."
Robyn says:
"New York... who doesn't want to go there? Shopping, musems, art... everything you could possibly dream of. I've been there 5 times and im still not bored of it."
Shivago S. Rolle says:
"This picture reminds me of why I am always so eager to visit NY once again. It's a grown up version of Disney World. You can see a little of every aspect of the world while there... wether it be a museum, the parks, the shopping and of course the people... NY is a sweet mix of almost every culture in one pot."
filomena bajada says:
"Anything you want, anytime you want it. There is always something new to do, see, eat, buy, etc, etc. Whatever price range you have, you will find something in your reach. You dont even need a price range, so much to see and do for free. Get inspired, get lost, get whatever your mood needs. See, touch, feel, hear, taste a little bit of everywhere in one place...The Big Apple."
Aminuddin Baharudin says:
"As we know, 'America Is Where Dream Comes True'. I have had no opportunity to go there yet, but i promised myself that i would go there at least once. If my dream did come true, i would first go to New York, the Big Apple. I would not want to miss the nightlife, diversity of cultures, and most importantly, the true experience of being in America. America, here i come."
Aminuddin Baharudin says:
"The Big Apple.. Wow.. Some people say that If u want to have a feel of being in Italy but don't have the means, head to Little Italy. I know that sounds silly but trust me, it's true. The traditional italian roadside restaurant and the hustle and bustle of the life there is sure to bring the Italian feeling to any visitors."
shameera says:
"New York has always fascinated me with its beautiful glamourous buildings,night life , Bright lights, tranquil gardens, cultural treasures and fun.I LOVE NEW YORK!"
Charlotte Marchant-Jones says:
"Everyone has a dream and mine is to go here. I know there are so many cliches about people going to find their dream and it not working but I just want to be amoung the hustle and bustle. I've always loved America and New York just amazes me. It's like no where else I've seen, the buildings the glamour. It's just wow. Thank you for this virtual tour- sort of brings the dream alive a little seeing everything and makes me more determined to go! One day, I will go!"
Yvette Wood says:
"If you can, go to the Natural History Museum - it's a great day for the whole family, especially the Imax - when we visited they were showing a Jane Goodall Docu film which was fascinating!"

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