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New York City, NY Travel Guide

Q: Which country is offering the best value for money for travellers at the moment?
A: Thanks to falling prices and the strength of the pound against many long haul destination currencies, the non European countries are looking best value at the moment. Recent incidents in Kenya and a 20% YOY fall in the currency versus sterling means that Kenya is probably cheapest of all at the moment.

Virtual Tour of China Town, New York City, NY, United States
 Traveler Reviews and Information
Les Lynas says:
"words alone can't describe the Big Apple and Chinatown is one of my favorite parts. It's there that I had my first "Char Siu" (steamed pork buns)!"
Maria Kenny says:
"I've always enjoyed New York, whether as an impoverished student or now that I'm a real grown up! The last time we went we stayed at The Park Central Hotel which is just opposite Carnegie Hall - perfect location to hit all the tourist spots. The weather can be a bit extreme though so choose carefully when you go - snow and ice in winter and can be very hot and humid in the summer. But dress accordingly and you'll have a great time!"
Debbie Walsh says:
"Me and my husband had five days in New York in early December 2008, we stayed at the Edison on Times Square, our first time there, what a fantastic place, the people are so friendly, Charley O's on Times Square is great for people watching and cheap drinks, Evergreen diner on West 47th is great for Breakfast the food and service is brill and very well priced,Times Square is the best place to stay it is such a WOW factor, We would recommend Staten Island ferry,best free trip in the city, you can see the Statue of Liberty and the Manhattan skyline from it, Macy's is good but very expensive a handbag will cost you 150 dollars but you can get a good bargain from the street traders dont forget to haggle, Central Park is so romantic with the tree lined walkways and the horse drawn carriages. Been back a month cant stop talking about it will be back as soon as possible. ENJOY"
sarah says:
"Some day i hope to move to New York it's my favourite place in America. Broadway is amazing and all the shops are brilliant."
Ben Thompson says:
"New York was everything I'd hoped. Bright lights, a great buzz, great for shopping, fantastic pizza. The soul of America."
Linda Clark says:
"Spent the night at the SoHo Grand and it was wonderful getting together with my friends from Australia over drinks !"
Jordan McDonald says:
"I couldn't agree more with the previous comments. I lived there for 5 weeks and was thouroughly enjoying every single moment. Now back in Australia I to feel my self in a New York state of mind. Why, well becasue New York is like a second home. It feels soo warming when you get there and even more hospitable the longer you stay. There are plenty of restaurants and decent prices and yes, the pizzas are magnificent but vary in size to that of others. Also, it is true that the city never sleeps. For example, Times Square is literally day time at night with the lights everywhere. It truly is amazing. Shows here are great, always a good quality show and brings something new to the table everytime. All in all the city is a monumental one and is an experience not to be missed!!"
Carolyn says:
"This city never sleeps - make sure you see a show on Broadway while you are there!"
Deirdre Murray says:
"I really do 'heart' NY - after living there for five months, I saaw a lot - and now that I am back home, I find myself in a New York state of mind all the time... Oh the pizza, the beautiful pizza..."
kyr says:
"in love with ny"

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