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New York City, NY Travel Guide

Q: Why do we need to travel?!
A: A good question for which we would like to borrow a quote from Lin Yutang: No one realises how beautiful it is to travel until he comes home and rests his head on his old, familiar pillow.

Virtual Tour of 42nd street and broadway, New York City, NY, United States
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Dan Parks says:
"In New Yor, every time you walk out of the door there is something new going on. I spent a month on the upper west side with a one year old. The parks and palygrounds were great and the new yorkers irrepressible. Brunch avaliable everywhere is inexpensive and totally child friendly even the dogs in new york were nice."
Richard Hulls says:
"In what other city could you stand still in the middle of the street and have so much to take in visually"
Nathan Jackson says:
"Manhattan is America in a single city, can't beat it."
Michelle Hough says:
"Wow we eloped and got married in New York (could write a seperate review of thet one) so it is a very special place to us. We stayed for 7 days and were were glad we did, we felt 3 nights would have been to short. It lived up to and exceeded our expectations. We also felt incredibly safe and were quite happy walking around very late into the evening. It is probably not a destination I would take little children to mainly because the pace of life is fast and there is so much to see and do such as Empire State, Statue of liberty, Macys, Broadway, Tiffanys, that would tire little minds. We stayed in the Westin Times Square which was perfectly situated for amazing views and getting around. Give the stakehouse a miss in the basement though, bit expensive and not as good as other restaurants we tried and a bit dingy. Would love to go again. Awesome and much talked about break/wedding/ honeymoon"
sindy says:
"They call New York 'The city that never sleeps also known as 'The big apple'. This city truley doesn't sleep with yellow taxis passing every second and crowded sidewalks, this city truley is a place to visit. I guarentee you will have a time you'll never regret."
Brenda Holt says:
"I got cheap Broadway tickets just on Times Square"

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