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Q: I am proposing to travel by train to Cologne in June and need to travel on to Bingen am Rhein. Is train the best mode of transport or is there an alternative?
A: Yes, it looks like you can get the train via Koblenz. Journey time of about 2.5 hours. Try www.bahn.com for more info.

Virtual Tour of Hofbrauhaus - Munichs largest drinking hall, Munich, Germany

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Jerry Stevens says:
"As an Army Brat and student at Univ of Maryland, Munich Campus, '67-'69, I drank many liters, I talking dekaliters if not hectoliters of beer there. The "real" freshman orientation was there. Yes, I earned membership in the Five Liter Club that night. Great place. I agree with Ron Silver, I did the pubs in England also. "
Stephen Smith says:
"Whilst I have fond memories of drinking and dancing with Italian girls at the Hofbrauhaus in the early 80's it's seems astonishing that a review should praise the lack of fights, police and broken glass. It is of course the venue where one Adolf Hitler proclaimed the 25 theses of National Socialism, and was at the heart of the violent unrest and anti-semitism that led to Hitler's rise to power and ultimately to WW2. Doesn't mean you can't enjoy it. Just think twice before comparing it to rough pubs in English cities "
Ron Silver says:
"In England, a place with an unlimited supply of cheap beer would require the presence of several security people and probably the police later on! In Munich, its a social place for people of all ages and walks of life to get together and get merry. No fights, no broken glass, no beer covered floors... just a fantastic atmosphere. Amazing!"

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