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Q: What currency do they use in northen Cyprus?
A: The currency is Turkish Lira but these days the Euro is also widely used.

Virtual Tour of Club Excelsior hotel, interior, Marmaris, Turkey
 Traveler Reviews and Information
Patricia Spoor says:
"We have been to the Excelsior Apartments quite a few times over the years, from my four children being small to now this year adults and teenages... we have always enjoyed the friendly atmosphere, good food and great entertainment for all ages. this year 2012 there will be four generations returning! My parents, myself and husband, older daughter with husband and two babies, and my two younger daughters...i know we will all have a great family holiday! I would recommend the Excelsior to any one with a mixed range of ages as there is always something to suite all! "
John says:
"Yay! London! I've always wanted to live in London. I don't really know why exactly. But the city and the people just fascinate me. Well especially the music. "
katherine sayle says:
"My husband and i are returning to the Excelsior next yr and we are hoping to re-new our wedding vows then can anyone tell me if the hotel has this kind of service or give me contact details of anywhere thanks. "
Annie says:
"loved club excelsior hope to go back next year things to do for all ages fab xx "
Ann Gibson says:
"Well we went to the Annex for Excelsior in Sep 2010 and I will never stay in the Annex again. The room we were given had far to much furniture in it I could not even get into the bed it was so tight in the bedroom. Could not be moved untill the next day as arrived early morning (4am). We were offerd a room in the basement looking onto the rubish dump. Next on the first floor where it smelt very badly of stale smoke. I thought it would goaway when the maid had cleaned & left the widdow open but no that smell was there for the full 10 days. There were no lifts in the block we were in (A), both my husband & I have difficulty with walking also he has a chest complaint so he cant climb stairs very well (we have been to the Excelisior a good few times over the years & they have lifts so thought there would be one here (told there would by Jet2). The stairs are spirel so to get up & down was bad. If you had a pram it would be hard to get up & down. When I compained to the reception staff I was asked why we did not book direct with them then we could have been on the other side. I asked if I could go over that side. I knew I would have to pay but that did not matter but was told no as we had come with Jet2 & that is were there people were put. Also the Annex was very dirty I hope they get there finger out for this year. I would go back to the Excelsior but only to the other side so please make sure you book every thing & have it in writing before you go. Oh by the way I was not the only one to moan there were quite a few and some went to other hotels."
John Philbin says:
"can someone tell me if its a main road u cross if u stay in the annex "
Dorothy Gowton says:
"We had a great hoilday this year. Can't wait to go back next year. I was in annex just over the road from main hoilday but nice and quiet cause only three floors and u can still see everything that goes on. "
Mrs S Williams says:
"Hi everyone. The annex is across the road which is more of an access than a road so is quiet. The only thing with the annex it is just that so you use the pool over at the exelsior. They have a laundry service in reception and the tattoist is still there. The Llayda Hotel is owned by the exelsior now. Hope this helps everyone."
Grif says:
"Traveling to Marmaris in september 2010, can anyone tell me if the Tatoo parlour is still in the Excelsior "
Gordon Sim says:
"Hi all, was just reading website and was wondering if the Llayda next door had been taken over? Been at EXCELSIOR 4 or 5 times and just love the place, and all the staff from Tom, Lisa right down to the cleaners. Hoping to get a booking for Sept, anyone know of any sites that i could get 1? "
Ann Gibson says:
"I'v been going to Excelsior for the past few years with famliy & on our own have always stade in junior or main building,but this year we have gone by jet2 & we will be in annex. Ii'm a bit put off by what people are saying about the annex please could someone tell me what it rearly is like as if it's to bad I would canncel. If the lifts dont work that would be the end as my husband carn't breath very well & he could not climb the stair's,but to anyone staying in the main part I would say the room's are a bit dated, but very clean, staff are all great, food good, about same price as out side, they are very good with children, plenty for them to do in the day as long as there & you are willing to join in, some good places to go to near appartment's if you don't want to go into town. BUT PLEASE SOME-ONE TELL ME SOMETHING GOOD ABOUT THE ANNEX than's Ann xx"
Jemma Mckeown says:
"Hi there. I read the review asking the difference between the annex and a standard, well the annex is across the way from reception and holds up to six people and the standard holds up to 4 people in the main building, i work for travel agents feel free to ask anything else!! this is my 5th time going love it!!! "
Shirley Williams says:
"Can not wait... will be staying here on the 25th june for 2 weeks first time in turkey. "
Big Davy says:
"Does anyone have toms mob number? Had it but lost phone. "
Rachel says:
"Can anyone please tell me what is the Difference between Club Excelsior? Club Excelsior Junior & Club Excelsior Annex? We have just booked with Thomas Cook for Aug 2011 and are in the Annex, but no-one could tell us the difference..Heeeelp!!! Thanks x "
Alison Anderson says:
"Trying to book holiday at this hotel for late june early july no availability any where "
Wendy Booth says:
"Exelsior, where do i start lol. Been to the exelsior about 6 times and each time it gets better and better. Going again 25th June 2010 and can't wait. If you never been then you will not be disappointed "
Donna Atkins says:
"Went to club excelsior last sept it was a great holiday staff very friendly cant do enough for you. the rooms are cleaned every day it was a faultless holiday going back this year x x x x "
Kirsty says:
"Is there a laundry room at this hotel... traveling with small children and need to know before traveling. thanx "
Kay Walton says:
"Just arrived back and enjoyed every min of our holiday and the baby loved it too. Would defo go again x "
Kay Walton says:
"Me, my sister and her baby are going to stay at the club exelsior on monday and i am just wondering if anyone can tell me what it is like and will a 2 year old boy enjoy it "
Sue says:
"Hi, Does anyone know club excelsiors website to book direct. Ive tried allsorts but unable to find it, never been to turkey before fantastic hotel but one piece of advice do not stay in Annex,luckily the atmosphere and staff made our room more barable. My friends where in junior suite much more modern."
360TG EDITOR says:
"Hi Sue, their website is at www.exelsiorhotels.com. Hope that helps."
carol lamey says:
"Fantastic... best place ever. Hi to everyone there, hi to Rocky( who my husband christened this name years back), and he gets it off everyone now. Hi to Seyat and Hasan, Big Tom too. Not there this year 09 other things on, but defo next year."
Jade Driscoll says:
"hi all. me and my family are coming and cant wait. it will be our first time and i am so looking forward too it. roll on august "
360TG EDITOR says:
"Hi Sam. According to their website the Excelsior's direct number is: +90 252 413 84 64. Hope that helps."
Sam says:
"hi everyone, i just wanted to know if club excelsior had a direct number? and also as the apartments are self catering, does the hotel provide utensils etc i.e. cups, plates etc. thanks for your help."
michelle mc gilloway says:
"Loved club excelsior. Could not fault it in any way. Staff are amazing and it is such a family run complex the kids will love it as mine did. Cant wait to go back next year."
Sharon Johnston says:
"Went august 08. Brilliant staff. Took daughter 17 and son 13. Fantastic, cant wait to go again!!!"
jd says:
"well . . . me and my family have been to club excelsior alot of times and are going to reappear soon with my 2 mates. its very good, a great laugh. lots to do. waiters are great. "
Fiona Byrne says:
"Hey everyone, how's everyone over there hope all is well.. Just to let you's all know we've booked so we'll be back to you's in August hope to see you's all then. Tell JJ, Dodo, Kat and Karen we're coming back ha :o) xxx"
Louise Mcmillan says:
"Hey everone. How is it goin back in exelsior? i miss you all big time. hope 2 get back next year 2 see u all again. love Louise Mcmillan xxx"
john barnicoat says:
"we ve been to club excelsior 3 yrs running .and were about to reappear on the 28th july for another fantastic 2wks in the sun. the staff are brill such a laugh. so tell tom we ll see him soon. Can't wait to see you all claire and john barnicoatxxxxx"

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