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Melbourne, VIC Travel Guide

Q: What is the average temperature in Sydney in March?
A: Daytime 25 degrees C; Night-time 18. For more details, see the Sydney climate guide on the excellent Weather2Travel website.

Virtual Tour of Melbourne Zoo, Melbourne, VIC, Australia
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Sarah B says:
"I've always wanted to visit Melbourne, I'm an Australian citizen myself, but haven't had the chance to visit just yet! I've seen so many beautiful photos of the city and heard so many wonderful stories about the coffee shops and boutiques. I can't wait to visit!!"
Michael Hudson says:
"Going to Melbourne? Don't bother with the Zoo. This is the best city in the world and there are 100's of better things than go to the zoo. Top of my list would be a crepe and beer on the Southbank followed by a walk around the boatanical gardens."
Peter De Freitas says:
"What can you say about Australia that hasn't already been said ? It's got beautiful weather and wonderful people and has a much loved Zoo in Melbourne. It is the first Zoo to be opened in Australia in 1862 and in it's 146 years it has strived into acheiving a preservation area to teach children of the wonders of wildlife. Everyone bring your family over and show them some of the animals that they wouldn't see any where else and enrich their tiny minds, show them the Orang-utan Sanctuary and enjoy the surroundings, and spend the whole day where there is plenty to eat and drink. A great day out for all."
Paul Jones says:
"I love zoos where you can get close to the animals, but what's the cage for in this case? Is it to protect people from swooping eagles?"

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