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Melbourne, VIC Travel Guide

Q: What is the average temperature in Sydney in March?
A: Daytime 25 degrees C; Night-time 18. For more details, see the Sydney climate guide on the excellent Weather2Travel website.

Virtual Tour of Federation Square, Melbourne, VIC, Australia
 Traveler Reviews and Information
Angelina Szabo says:
"So much history and sights to see... I would love to visit "
Gill Hayes says:
"I loved the variety of restaurants, from the more expensive to the cheap thai cafes in the smaller towns, to the food halls. Melbourne has such a positive vibe about it ,feels safe, and is clean and friendly. "
Louise says:
"In my opinion Melbourne is the best city in Australia. It has more charm than Sydney. The Commonwealth Games were amazing when I visited."
Gina Davis says:
"Never been but would go if I could. I still think Perth WA takes some beating."
LydiaA says:
"Stunning, atmosphere liked the whole city. Absolutely amazing. Incredibly friendly people for such a big city. You either love it or hate it, but i think there are more pros than cons. I would say it's a very nice place to live."
Roxanne Hughes Monteiro says:
"I stayed in Melbourne last summer. I fell in love with the place, amazing markets, shops and people. What blew me away most was the atmosphere, this amazing bohemian vibe. I traveled all around OZ, and there was not one other city you could compare it to. If you go stay in St.Kilda...pastry shops are to die for! I would move there if i could, lifestyle is amazing."
Aron Mazur says:
"To summarize in two words it is "Absolutely Incredible. As a Melbourne resident who has been tot he square many times, the architecture is exquisite and orginal. The tiles they use on the ground are so well chosen and the location is perfect. 10/10."
Kimry Coleman says:
"I went to Melbourne with my entire family and absolutely loved it, it's a gorgeous city and i would recommend it to anyone, especially Neighbours fans as the Neighbours tour was great!"
Totir Alexandru says:
"I simply love Melbourne because it is both a big city with many skyscrapers and an important cultural center and these 2 functions are combined very well."

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