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Virtual Tour of Cala Bona - Cafe Xaloc on seafront promenade, Majorca, Balearic Islands
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Lois Ronberg says:
"Believe it or not, I have a photo of these beautiful, red geraniums, café tables and umbrellas with a glimpse of the Mediterranean sea on my lounge wall. It reminds me of a bright, sunny, warm day when I walked from Cala Bona to Cala Millor, along the seafront which in effect is a long, continuous promenade. Stunning place to be on holiday. The tourist shops are what you would expect in Majorca but here they seem just that more interesting: well presented, no pressure as you browse around and diverse retail opportunities. Best enjoyed after partaking from the many cafes you see along this seaside frontage in this lovely 360 degree photo. This really is a good picture, outside Cafe Xaloc, to show how you can spend all day along the seafront, eating, drinking, talking, relaxing or if you feel more active, have a swim, run along the beach or ride a bike, because you know there is plenty of hospitality awaiting you when you return to these casual cafes. They are set amid trees which offer plenty of shade and there are plenty of large umbrellas to cool you down. This really is a true representation of how you can best spend a lazy day on the west coast of Majorca, or Mallorca if you are a local. Just by this huge flower pot there is a leather shop and my wallet certainly got a bit of a work out - quality workmanship which seems to be the norm in Majorca when buying leather. If you are a fan of pearls, visit the jewellery shops as you are sure to find modern, stylish pearl pieces. Whatever you do, in Cala Bona or Cala Millor, set time aside to relax beside the sea, any time of day or night to enjoy the café life in this beautiful part of the Mediterranean. "

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