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Majorca Travel Guide

Q: How many miles are travelled by tourists on foot every year?
A: Goodness knows. But here is our go at a guess: average of 1 million people on holiday on any given day, each walking an average of 3 miles per day... equals well over 1,000,000,000 miles per year.

Virtual Tour of Cala Bona - floating view from floating pontoon in new port, Majorca, Balearic Islands
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Lois Ronberg says:
"Majorca is magnificent. Cala Bona is just one little port/seaside/shopping/beach/residential gem I have visited on this Balearic Island. I love boats and harbours so it was a wonderful morning spent wishing I could write a cheque for some of these craft moored at Cala Bona jetty. You will find boats of all sizes, pleasure craft and commercial vessels used for various roles but the one I remember most was not horrendously huge but a little two-man fishing craft which chuffed in while I stood and captured it on film. The men were standing up and I remember thinking how hazardous that was but I guess they’d done it for many a year and as they went about their business, tying it up I wished I could find out their history on the little boat. Cala Bona has much to offer boaties and the day I was there people were working on their boats, washing them and others preparing to go out on the beautiful sea which surrounds Majorca. Two medium sized ferries came in while we were there, quick visits to offload and take on new tourists who use the service to visit the long and varying coastline which offers tourists attractions along the way. If you are interested in marine craft, be sure to visit Cala Bona and stroll around the large, well designed jetty in the beautiful, scenic harbour just along from the shops, cafes, bars and restaurants that make up Cala Bona. "

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