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A: Thanks to falling prices and the strength of the pound against many long haul destination currencies, the non European countries are looking best value at the moment. Recent incidents in Kenya and a 20% YOY fall in the currency versus sterling means that Kenya is probably cheapest of all at the moment.

Virtual Tour of Cala Bona - seafront promenade with views to new port, Majorca, Balearic Islands
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Lois Ronberg says:
"Cala Bona’s best attraction has to be its seafront promenade. It goes on for miles, past the delightful boat harbour, by the shops, restaurants, bars and cafes on to hotels which offer magnificent views of the beach and out to sea. If you keep going along the promenade you some how find yourself in Cala Millor about half an hour away if you are walking and taking in the most wonderful seaside views as you go. We came upon Cala Bona after a walk up to a hillside market-day in a superb, historic town. It was hot and we thought we’d go in to Cala Bona to have a coffee but I must confess I had the most delicious Sangria at midday. How naughty is that. Another day we returned and sat in a delightful café on the waterfront, out on the promenade and just before midday I ordered a coffee and rum! Drinking in the morning is a bit of a worry but not in Cala Bona. It was just the right thing to do. The promenade has plenty of seating, trees and other ways to spend time relaxing but we just loved sitting at the café we chose and I took many photos of nearby, colourful attractions like a cart full of pumpkins, gourds and other strange things from that same family of vegetables, doors and flower-bedecked window boxes keep the camera busy. There were piles of beach chairs stacked up beside the beach so I guess if you wanted to spend your Cala Bona promenade time by lying beside the promenade, on the sand, you would be well pleased if sunbathing is your thing. Cala Bona is clean, bright, colourful and you can stay in a variety of accommodation, right beside the sea, listening to the waves ... heaven in Majorca for sure."

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