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Virtual Tour of Palma Nova, Minigolf, Majorca, Balearic Islands
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Lois Ronberg says:
"‘’Have you heard the one about the turtle on the golf course?’‘ No. ‘’Well there’s no better place to find out about it than at Golf Fantasia mini golf complex in Palma Nova.’‘ I’ve actually had this conversation and then I wax lyrical about this family fun place on Majorca, (or Mallorca) in the Balearic Islands. Golf Fantasia is fantastic. I absolutely loved it and it was made even better by the fact that my better half stood above one of the holes and gave me intricate instructions how we should play this difficult challenge. He went first and took eight hits to get the pesky ball in. I walked up to the tee and, whopee, a hole in one! Wonderful holiday memory. I still have a photo of the hole! Opened in the late 1980s, it has three 18-hole mini-golf choices: blue, red and yellow, set amid the most lush, colourful and stimulating tropical forest. There’s so much to see it may effect your concentration but that’s not a problem when you are only out to enjoy yourself. It replicates a genuine tropical forest. There are water-falls, lakes, streams, caves where you’ll see real, live birds, fish, turtles and other animals living in harmony, alongside keen, avid mini-golfers. You really cannot imagine how they fit three 18-hole mini-golf courses in here but it all blends in extremely well and you end up laughing and joking with others on the way around. You pay your money, get the golf club and a colour which determines which course you will play on and then off you go to pit your wits against the ever so well designed course. Firm in my memory is the hole I was trying to beat.... my ball kept rolling down the hill and into the stream below - just about hitting a sun-soaking turtle! After the game, sit and relax in the café or if you’re still feeling challenged have a go in the games room. Golf Fantasia is situated handy to the main street in Palma Nova, not far from the seaside and there’s plenty of parking around the complex. Great family entertainment when in Palma Nova, Majorca."

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