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Virtual Tour of Palma, Plaza Cort, Majorca, Balearic Islands
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Lois Ronberg says:
"You cannot believe how ugly this gnarly, old olive tree is in the Plaza Cort in Palmaís grand, elegan, old town area. Iíve been there on a couple of trips and each time I take photos as I cannot believe it is so miss-shapen and peculiar. It is centuries old and looks it! We usually walk into the old town from the Cathedral and make our way through the interesting, narrow streets until we come out at the Plaza Cort. It is a good place to sit and watch the crowds go by. Others share this ''tourists' way'' to pass Majorcan time, but mostly locals and visitors are making their way in and out of the small, narrow side streets which converge on the square. Noticeable here is the Municipal Building with its flower boxes and rather ornate windows which make it stand out amid the other old, grand buildings. I have sat on the steps here and eaten delicious Palma fare. I love this area which I believe is one of the cityís oldest squares and you get the feeling lots of other people like it a lot too. The cobblestones are huge and on my last visit here a horse and cart came along and I thought the horse would have difficulty getting over the huge cobbles but heíd done it many times before and it didnít look like he was phased at all. Remember to take your camera, Plaza Cort is a picture, any time of year and I sure will eat another lunch there some time! "

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