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Q: If you are in your 40s and want to take off and travel, what advice would be essential.
A: Sounds exciting! Lots to think about but as a start: a) Hunt around for a decent long term travel insurance policy; b) Do a budget... you will inevitably spend more than you think and this needs to fit with whatver income you are going to have; c) Make some sort of plan about what things you want to see and do. Bon Voyage!

Virtual Tour of Palma, Cathedral Seu, Majorca, Balearic Islands
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Lois Ronberg says:
"Palma Cathedral – where you feel close to God. Now I am not religious but this Gothic cathedral inspired me, it has soul. You walk through the ‘’museum’‘ of gold and silver treasures before you get into the cathedral itself. When you do, there is a feeling of difference. I whispered my way around it saying it was different but I couldn’t quite say why. I still can’t really but here are some of the highlights I remember at this religious house for which construction began in 1276 and ended early in the 1600s. There are two mighty HUGE features on your left as you walk in: altars of gold - stunning, shiney and ever so impressive with another in huge, wooden, painted mural-like panels. What a sight. The colourful, massive rose stained-glass window is really large (I think it is 12 foot across - I hope I am right about that - but anyway think BIG!). Interesting is the local factor, the Gaudi influence - he has added a large, modern wrought-iron creation at the front of the cathedral, over the main altar. This sits quite well with the ancient, old theme in this esteemed ‘house of God’‘. Palma Cathedral is well situated, you will have no trouble finding it as it dominates the city, it’s near the sea and alongside the Palace de Almudaina. Outside the cathedral is huge, it looks a bit like an over-iced wedding cake - a rather impressive one which is set high above a pedestrian way, so strolling around here you have terrific views out to sea and into the lake in front. It’s nearby the ‘’old-town’‘ area which is so worthy of your time as well. Go to Cathedral Seu early in the day as it does get busy and you may have to queue for a while if you go in the busy part of the day. Hours vary due to the season so make enquiries before you go so you won’t be disappointed by closed doors."

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