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Q: Which is the most popular tourist attraction in the world?
A: London and Paris consistently beat New York as the most visited cities, but according to Forbes Traveler it is Times Square in New York that takes the prize for most popular tourist attraction.

Virtual Tour of Cala Millor - pedal cars on shady promenade, Majorca, Balearic Islands
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Lois Ronberg says:
"The smell of the sea, the lure of the shops, bars and outdoor cafes; set your senses flowing as you stroll along the promenade which dominates Cala Millor, Majorca. You are naturally drawn to this tourist attraction as most of the shopping streets, the biggest percentage of the high-rise hotels and apartments are focused around the long, wide and interesting promenade beside the sea. The wide pavement and lush, green lawn have trees to offer shade, and you will need to rest awhile on your walk. Pedestrians stroll along - but be aware there will be some wheeled activity whizzing by as families, couples and solo cyclist ride a variety of bicycles or other pedal contraptions from one end to the other. This is a promenade worthy of your recreation. We went along it every day and each time we saw something new. Uppermost in my mind is the magnificent sandcastle which had been built just below the promenade wall: it was huge and so detailed. Two massive turrets with detail you would never believe like six inch high fir trees with tiny branches in fine detail set around this marvellous sand creation. That night a huge storm hit and next day it was practically ruined. What a shame but we noticed an artiste sitting by it, preparing his tools to re-create the masterpiece. You can start at one end of the promenade and look for miles ahead of you, one side a row of accommodation, parks, shops, cafes, restaurants, statues, water features and on the other the azure blue of the Mediterannean sea. Heaven. Walk or cycle from the low hills in the south, past the shopping centre of Cala Millor and you will find yourself in Cala Bona. It just happens. There is no barrier, just a great, interesting walk and somehow you are now in another lovely seaside Majorca town."

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