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London Travel Guide

Q: What are the best books for budget travel advice?
A: Rough Guide and Lonely Planet are always reliable. Amazon normally have good prices on these, especially if you dont mind second hand books.

Virtual Tour of Golden Square in Soho - City of Westminster, London, England
 Traveler Reviews and Information
Clifford Allen says:
"London is not as big as you think "
Matt Welsh says:
"I have been to London before and this picture does London justice. Amazing architecture and a wonderful place."
Tom says:
"London is amazing, i have lived in England all my life and i am continually amazed when i walk those streets, there is allways something to see or do and the people are allways unique and kind. there is everything you could ever want/need. and well you can't help but feel safe with police everywhere!"
Tom says:
"London is amazing, i have lived in England all my life and i am continually amazed when i walk those streets, there is always something to see or do and the people are always unique and kind. There is everything you could ever want/need, and you can't help but feel safe with police everywhere!"
belinda porter says:
"My husband used to drive buses around london. I recently stayed in St Thomas Hospital which is by the London Eye... the traffic was so loud with sirens going off all the time and Big Ben chiming."
shilpa says:
"London is one of the amazing places i have seen in my life, i have cuzins there so i go every holidays. London is so amazing because it has the london eye which is enormous. There are diiferent kind of buildings and famous ones too. London is one of the largest cities i have ever seen and is famous for having a queen who lives in buckingham palace. You cannot get bored of london and you never know who you will meet. London has such big houses and shops too and you can shop where you like and whenever you like. "
Lieselotte says:
"London is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world and hard to beat for a visit"
linda mckellar says:
"Vibrant & exciting. Warm & friendly. Buzzing with life. A place that is packed with historic sites that know other city can compare to."
Brett Vaton says:
"London, the home of the red phone box, the red double decker and of course Big Ben. Veiw the city from many different angles, have a fun day on the Thames. a wonderful afternoon on the London Eye. Or view all of the lovely historic sights and learn how London evolved through the ages."
Alison Tripp says:
"I think London is fantastic, so much to see and do and the theatres are a joy to behold. Also I would say to visit Westminster Abbey... it is amazing"
blake says:
"London is filled with the most amazing people i have every come across. They are just filled with joy and happness. They always walk around with a smile on there face. So many lovely buildings and man made things to sink your eyes into."
gagan ghai says:
"London ... remains a manís city where New York is chiefly a womanís. London has whole streets that cater to menís wants!"
Jaki McGurk says:
"London is one of the most amazing cities in the world. Its diversity, cultures and architecture in such a small area makes it a city worth visiting. Across the river at Waterloo you can visit the Great Millenium Wheel (The London Eye), then hop onto a Thames Clipper which will take you down past: Big Ben, the OXO Tower, St Pauls, Tate Modern, under Tower Brige, past Canary Wharf to the O2 arena (The Dome). The old white elephant has re-invented itself as a great music and entertainment venue, holding upto 20,000 people in its main area. A nightclub and a wide range of cafes and restuarants to suit all tastes from Starbucks to the very sophisticated and tasty Guachos!! A worthwhile visit."
Natalie Se says:
"I've just been to London in July for two weeks with my schoolmates. The weather was changing like lightning. The sun WILL shine! Really, it shone when we LEFT!!!!!"
Deb says:
"London seems massive compared to where i come from and there's so much to do. Thats why i love it!"
Alan Green says:
"Use a hop-on, hop-off city sightseeing open-top bus to explore the city in detail. The guides give you a valuable insight into the city, that wouldn't already know, and you can get off at any of the numerous stops around the city to explore in your own time. A great city and one for all to see, young and old."

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