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London Travel Guide

Q: Which country is offering the best value for money for travellers at the moment?
A: Thanks to falling prices and the strength of the pound against many long haul destination currencies, the non European countries are looking best value at the moment. Recent incidents in Kenya and a 20% YOY fall in the currency versus sterling means that Kenya is probably cheapest of all at the moment.

Virtual Tour of Whitehall - Cenotaph, London, England
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Zaynab Varachhia says:
"London is the most amazing city in England, UK. Diverse and rich in culture, it is a very friendly city and also has the most amazing gardens and greenery. Beautiful fountains can be found in various places, and the weather varies, so always be prepared for better or for worse, and with so much to see, comfort is essential in this lovely city! "
Steven Dale says:
"I lived in London for 10 years and its one of the world's greatest cities. Come rain or shine there is so much to do, whether its a bird's eye view of London from the London Eye, a boat trip through history along the Thames, a cultural feast at its many museums and galleries or a night out on the town, courtesy of its many theatres, clubs and restaurants, London has it all. Whether you are single, a couple, a family or just a bunch of fiends out for a good time, London will not disappoint - that's guaranteed! Don't forget to wander off the beaten track too.. visit any of its many public parks, its multicultural delights (Brick Lane anyone?) or country delights like Epping Forest, the Lea Valley or its picturesque canals. There is something for everyone, of all ages and whatever your level of fitness or state of health, a day out in London will lift your spirits and bring a smile to face, as well as leave you with many happy memories."

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