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A: Maybe this will catch on with hotels one day as there are certain nationalities that seem to have a reputation for sunbed hogging! However, I think most of us have seen the Brits do it too!

Virtual Tour of Trafalgar Square - north side, London, England
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Lois Ronberg says:
"You know you are in England when you stand in Trafalgar Square. It’s all there, history, architecture, culture, religion, commerce, people and of course the pigeons. Trafalgar Square got its name from the Battle of Trafalgar but the only war going on nowadays is the security staff battling over-zealous tourists trying to feed these pesky pigeons. They are being actively discouraged from living in this most exciting, vibrant heart of London, indeed of England. Built in 1845, Trafalgar Square has seen many changes and hosted a huge variety of events, celebrations and other public attractions. People come to mighty Nelson’s Column which has had a major clean up and now he grandly stands amid the hustle and bustle below him. People come here to sit and take in the cityscape and to walk around the four big plinths with historic statues on three of them, the mighty lions or paddle feet in the large, impressive fountains. Your best view of Trafalgar Square is from the steps of the National Gallery which is a magnificent place to visit if you have plenty of time to roam around some impressive, extremely well presented artworks from all over the world. Trafalgar Square is surrounded by historic, architecturally interesting buildings including St Martins Church. Geographically it is very near the actual centre of London, it is easily accessed on foot, by using the underground or buses. The best way to see it is on the Hop on Hop Off bus route as there is a stop nearby, that way you get as much time as you wish to spend there. You can always come back some other time to experience this London ‘’must see’’ attraction. My lasting memory is the scorching hot summer of 2003 when thousands of people were wading in the fountains, trying to cool down. Oh for another hot English summer to see it all again! From Trafalgar Square you can walk a short distance to the River Thames, to Covent Garden, Leicester Square, Piccadilly Circus and other interesting London experiences. This iconic square has hosted important events over time, the main one has to be celebrations to mark the end of World War 2, with other public turnouts for successful sportspeople, concerts and it even starts in movies for television and film. Queen Elizabeth II owns Trafalgar Square - Greater London Authority who administer it for her, welcome you there, anytime. "
Jan Dart says:
"Great city for walking. Don't automatically take the tube, distances aren't always very far. Step out and enjoy this fantastic, historic city."

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