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Virtual Tour of Tower Bridge, London, England
 Traveler Reviews and Information
Lois Ronberg says:
"With an international reputation Tower Bridge has been attracting visitors since it was completed, in 1894, to span London’s River Thames. I’ve stood and waited for it to lift up its carriageway to allow ships to go under it many times, only to be disappointed with no action but when I went with my son and his wife they were only in nearby Tower of London a few minutes and they saw it lift. They came running to me in a tower seat and asked if I had seen it open. With my back to the action I had missed it again! Needless to say I was a little miffed but did see it later that day. It is worth finding out when it is due to lift which you can do by going on to the Tower Bridge website and they list booked ‘lifts’ and the ship to go under it, for about two weeks in advance. There is an exhibition at Tower Bridge which gives heaps of information about the history and workings of the bridge while offering fantastic River Thames views and some cityscape which will keep the camera extremely busy. Tower Bridge is a must-see when in London and millions of people do include it on the tour of this modern, cosmopolitan city which has changed massively since 1884 when Horace Jones a city architect, along with John W. Barry designed Tower Bridge. Their creation evolved over eight years and saw 432 construction workers toil to build this historic, striking London icon. When it was built it was the largest bascule bridge (from French see-saw) in the world, nowadays I venture to say it must be the most photographed and visited bridge on the globe. It has two impressive 65m high towers, is 244m long and generally around 40,000 people cross it each day, on foot and in motor vehicles. I’ve been over it several times on the London Hop-on-Hop-off bus where you get lots of information about the ‘’life’‘ of the bridge and the part it plays in city life. Next door is the Tower of London which offers good views of Tower Bridge and you can take a Thames Cruise from just under the bridge."
John Brandon says:
"It's amazing how many Brits have never been to London. There is so much to see and do. There are several Theme Parks on the outskirts and then in London itself you have Madame Tussauds, The London Eye, The Dungeons, Tower Bridge, The Crown Jewels, Free Museums Galore, O2, Wembley and so much more. So if you are a tourist or a bored Brit head for London now and see what you've been missing :-)"
Matt Hall says:
"Amazing to see the bridge lifting up considering it's now over 100 years old and yet still seems to work perfectly. We saw HMS Northumberland come through it to moor up alongside HMS Belfast in April 2007... an impressive sight indeed."
Wayne says:
"Walked across here as a child and waited for the bridge to go up, it is a sight to behold!'"

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