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Virtual Tour of St Pauls Cathedral from Pauls Walk, London, England
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Lois R says:
"Other buildings succumbed to second world war damage but Christopher Wrenís St Paulís Cathedral stood firm so nowadays millions of visitors are able to visit to experience its striking architecture including a dominant dome, near the River Thames. Iíve been as a visitor with the freedom to meander all through at my leisure and for a service. I must say the service, with its most beautiful choral music, was ever so memorable, especially because the added pomp and ceremony of a church officialís investiture resulted in an extra special musical programme. Sitting under the stunning dome and thinking of the famous weddings, funerals and other important national occasions, over hundreds of years, was a surreal experience. Thereís been a church on this site since 604AD and as the Fire of London ruined the previous one, Christopher Wren designed this 'national treasure' which is now seen as a 'symbol of hope, resilience and strength of the city and nation it serves'. It is the fourth church on this site and took from 1675 to 1710 to complete. St Paulís has been going through a massive, expensive, lengthy 'spring clean' over recent years to present it in its original condition for the 300th anniversary celebrations next year (2010). Even though some areas have been covered up, with huge scaffolding dominating the beauty, it is all worthwhile now you see it as grand as it was in those early years so long ago. Every time I go inside I see something different. While the huge, impressive, creative dome is my favourite site there are other interesting aspects - paintings, 'important peopleís graves', headstones, memorial statues and of course the magnificent altar, the truly fantastic stained glass windows and superb treasury. I went in a week after the Queen prayed there at a famous funeral. You donít have to be royal to be invited to pray. On the hour a minister reminds you that St Paulís is a house of prayer and you are asked to stand still while those who wish to do so join in prayer. St Paulís has a magnificent architecturally striking exterior, no matter from which side you look at it. My favourite view is from the walkway leading up from the Millennium Bridge - it looks so formidable set before you. By far the most popular view is the front, always you will find people sitting on the steps just taking it all in. "
Rebecca Adamson says:
"I think that this is a lovely destination it looks very pretty and relaxing there are no major shops nearby so it looks peaceful."

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