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Q: Which is the most popular tourist attraction in the world?
A: London and Paris consistently beat New York as the most visited cities, but according to Forbes Traveler it is Times Square in New York that takes the prize for most popular tourist attraction.

Virtual Tour of Regents Park Boating Lake - near Clarence Bridge, London, England
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LydiaA says:
"You know I lived in the busy streets of London for about 9 or 10 years, it seems such a long time to me because I grew up there for the first years of my life. It was my past, but I wish it could be my future. We moved house because of a better locations of school. My parents were broke from paying off my private school from loans and we were in serious dept, and I couldn't really survive in the rough London schools so we moved. But now that I think about it, was it worth moving at all? I knew every face that would go past, saying hello to the few family members. You see all my family, and trust me we have a big family lived in a samll part of London. It was really comforting chilling with my cusins, going to the nearby shops, our regular cinema in Park Royal. I kind of miss that. Even though I don't live 100s of miles away , it's not the same. As many who have experienced this agree. I was crushed leaving that small, posh flat of ours. Now all I have is my fading memories. Ok maybe my new house is about 60 minutes away, but surely you can find the sympathy. Anyways moving on knowing London blind folded, my favourite visit is the 'London Dungeons'. Oh it's just so good, I really recommend you visiting. I'm all for spooky and ghostly frights, and if you are too then it's just right for you!"
Michael Duggan says:
"London's great if you want a full on assault on your senses, lots of shopping, nightlife etc... It can be tiring though, choose somewhere else if you want to relax and get away from it all"

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