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London Travel Guide

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A: Thanks to falling prices and the strength of the pound against many long haul destination currencies, the non European countries are looking best value at the moment. Recent incidents in Kenya and a 20% YOY fall in the currency versus sterling means that Kenya is probably cheapest of all at the moment.

Virtual Tour of Parliament Square beside Churchill statue, London, England
 Traveler Reviews and Information
Linda says:
"I think I love the sight of Big Ben and Parliament house the best of all. First time I was in London I came home with more pictures than any other object! The best view was from the London Eye - I was lucky to be up there in sunset... Amazing experience!!!"
Steve Johnson says:
"All I can suggest is that if you're new to London, and a tourist, get on a Red Bus tour early in the morning. Get a map and plan out your day ahead of time though or you may miss out on something you've always wanted to see...there's too much to cram in to a single trip!"
Rochelle Lear says:
"If you visit London, definitely try the cruise down the Thames in the evening. We went with 'Bateau London' and had a 3 course dinner with wine, live music and a disco, the whole thing lasted 4 hours. We went past Big Ben, The Houses of Parliament, The London Eye, The OXO Building and more, they were all lit up and looked beautiful. It was also around November 5th and there were loads of Firework Displays. We stood on 'balcony' areas outside and it was so perfect, we paid 70 each AND would do it again!"
Susan Hall says:
"Although I spent my youth living and working in London now I live away I get a tingle when ever I visit and get to see the sights, Houses of Parliament Buckingham palace Tower bridge and St Pauls to name a few, I can feel the anticipation that 1st time visitors get, and this happens every time! wow what a buzz London gives."
Kerenina says:
"I have been to London several times, and each time discover something different! it may be old and quaint or new and swanky, but it never ceases to amaze me!"
Gemma says:
"I stay in london every year. Its an amazing city, and so much to see and do."
Nabeel Shariff says:
"Just cant get bored in London - the best city by far ! Markets, food, outdoor events galore - a must for any intrepid traveller."
loriegel says:
"i have never been to london and it was one of my dreams as a child to go there someday. seeing the picture makes me more eager to come there, someday, somehow i will be able to capture that beauty with my own eyes."
Renate says:
"Love the city. You can find anything you wish to find in London. Can't wait to go again"
Carly says:
"I live in London and I love it!"
Aaron rogers says:
Mina says:
"I love London there is so much to see and do. There is a lot of history and attractions to visit. In the summertime its the best because there are loads of nice parks to go to. I enjoy the shops and museums. London has so much to offer and keeps getting better."
C Henney says:
"great city, lovely museums and art galleries"
Rob Falconer says:
"We booked our hotel in London a few days before the most recent acts of terrorism, but decided to go ahead with the break. Take my word for it, visiting Central London from Wimbledon without using the underground (we used the train) is just not on. The bus service is just for the locals, so we must have walked miles on a hot August day. Having said that, London can be wonderful. Don't just follow the tourist trail, but get lost. For instance, around Fleet Street, it's wonderful, with the Old Curiosity Shop, the Cheshire Cheese, and other "hidden" buildings."
Geeta Howles says:
"I am bias, I live, work and enjoy London. To me, London is the greatest city in the worls and I tell my children that they are so lucky to live in the greatest city on the planet. London, You're a star."
Natsaha says:
"I only wish I saw this when I went to London, instead of just experiencing the rain and rush hour!"
Abhineet Singh says:
"Thats really nice to involve such a view of parliament square of england. Thats really a nice view. Its a very political place with tight security."
Corinne Cirkovic says:
"An evocative splash of greenery and tranquillity amidst the bedlam of everyday London. Rich in history, this area includes the House of Lords, Westminster Abbey and the London Eye. Inspiring statues of Churchill, Richard the Lionheart and Emmeline Pankhurst can be found at the House of Lords and in the nearby Victoria Tower Gardens. And no trip to London is complete without hearing Big Ben chime by the River Thames!"
Richard de Escofet says:
"Thank God for Churchhill's commitment and defiance ! London would have looked a different place without it !"

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