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London Travel Guide

Q: Where would you recommend for late October without children? I would like sun, blue skies and beach please.
A: In Europe you could try the south of Spain, the Greek islands, Cyprus or Sardinia. Further afield October is a good time to visit Egypt or South Africa. For the trip of a lifetime, why not visit beautiful Patagonia.

Virtual Tour of Millennium Bridge, London, England
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Lois R says:
"You don’t need your seasick pills to cross London’s Millennium Bridge any more but do take your camera as the views from here are vast as you take in modern day London. When the bridge opened on Saturday 10th June in 2001 so many people crossed the ‘’Ribbon of Steel’ that it ‘wobbled’ and moved unacceptably so two days later it was shut down while the problems were identified and fixed. It took time and specialist expertise to get it safe and stable. Dampers were put under the deck and on the river piers of this 325m steel suspension bridge. On February 27 in 2002 it opened again and the problems solved, providing a magnificent place to take in the sites of London: landmark buildings including St Paul’s Cathedral, trains crossing other bridges and constant river traffic below. Thousands of people cross it daily and it really is a must on your London visit. The Millennium Bridge provides ‘pedestrian only’ traffic from nearby St Paul’s Cathedral across to Tate Modern and Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre as well as all the South Bank offers as you walk along beside the River Thames. It is the first pedestrian only bridge in London and the first to be built in 100 years, it joins 15 other bridges across the River Thames as it ‘snakes’ through the city of London. While it is most impressive during the day do go back at night because it is lit up by photo-cells at dusk so the ‘’Ribbon of Steel’‘ becomes the ‘’Blade of Light’‘ after dark. This really is a super London tourist attraction. Night or day, I don’t suppose you’ll be there on the day it reaches capacity load - 5000 people. Now that would test its ‘’wobbliness’‘! "
Jessica Boe says:
"Doesn't wobble any more but still nice to walk across. It's the bridge that connects St Pauls Cathedral to the Southbank, Tate Modern etc."

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