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London Travel Guide

Q: If you are in your 40s and want to take off and travel, what advice would be essential.
A: Sounds exciting! Lots to think about but as a start: a) Hunt around for a decent long term travel insurance policy; b) Do a budget... you will inevitably spend more than you think and this needs to fit with whatver income you are going to have; c) Make some sort of plan about what things you want to see and do. Bon Voyage!

Virtual Tour of gardens on Leicester Square, London, England
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Iwan Williams says:
"There is not a lot you can hate about London! Obviously if you want a quiet day out and nothing very hectic then London is probably not the right destination however if you go to London expecting to be in the best city in the world then you will love it. I have lived in London for 6 years and have had many many free days out which compared to the New York's of the world is pretty impressive. If however money is not object then go crazy with some of the most fantastic attractions ever and the most unbelievable choice of cuisine you could ever imagine in one city. Do your research and get a map, it is quite easy to walk around London for hours and not get anywhere which is a waste so plan your day and stick to it. Public transport is great but don't underestimate how close different areas are, for example, walking from Leicester Square to Oxford Street is about 10mins so leave the hot and sweaty tub and walk - at the same time take in the sights as you go."
Jilly Milly says:
"A great place to chill out and have a coffee or drink before you go in to watch a film at one of the Leicester Square cinemas. Also the Capital Radio offices are just nearby so you might see a famous DJ if you are lucky. "

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