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Virtual Tour of Cambridge Circus - Shaftsbury Avenue & the Palace Theatre, London, England
 Traveler Reviews and Information
Petrit says:
"You just can't dissmiss London as one of the biggest , most beautiful , friendliest cities in the world "
Kelly says:
"London. A place to truly enjoy the hustle and bustle of a modern city and enjoy historical sights all at the same time. So much to do, just remember to wear comfortable shoes. Or not, I didn't see many locals doing so!"
AJ Saxon says:
"London is a fantastic place to visit, live or work. I moved here a few months ago and haven't looked back since, so much to see and do. So many free museums, great restaurants and fantastic shows. 10/10."
Matthew Watts says:
"I feel London is a nice place, but you must be aware of pickpockets. I should know, I live in London. "
Stephen says:
"London is a great place - lots to see. A bit busy but well looked after and i would give it 4/5 overall "
Donna Brown says:
"Great city... Lots of siteseeing, great for the family. You either love it or hate it, the best place to visit if you like both history and modern. "
Anthony Gerard says:
"Visit Westfield... its a new huge new shopping mall that everyone is talking about. Near Sheperds Bush."
Linda Hine says:
"Great holiday destination with so much to do for all the family. Take a stroll along the South Bank on a sunny afternoon and potter round the shops and galleries, have a glass of wine or something to eat sitting enjoying the view."
Anna Kv. says:
"London is an amazing place to visit, especially for Americans and Canadians. It's still got something similar to home, but it's got that intangible feeling of "Europe!". The architecture in certain parts of the city is beautiful, and it's worth a visit. My own piece of advice: dedicate a day of simply walking around the city without going to museums of popular tourism sites. The city has so many views to appreciate!"
Judith Rachmani says:
"London's the greatest, especially when travelling with young children. And don't forget The Science Museum on Exhibition Road, South Kensington, London. It's free and it's open seven days a week."
Hansel D'souza says:
"London in simple words is absolutely amazing and also being one of my favorite European destinations. It's vibrant culture and city sights such as the British Museum, going for a concert at Hyde Park, staring at famous people at Madame Tussuads or viewing the whole city via the London Eye. Also a boat ride on the River Thames would be delightful, the shopping at Harrod's or savoring traditional fish and chips on a Sunday afternoon."
Dominic Cee says:
"Looks very quiet for cambridge circus, it's usually heaving round there.. the 360 degree shots are great though."
Lois Ronberg says:
"LONDON...you love it or your hate it. I LOVE IT. Free museums, diverse shows at many theatres, outdoors parks beckon, indoors there are so many attractions you are spoiled for choice. My favourite London places have to include the Tower of London, St Paul's Cathedral, Madame Tussauds, Trafalgar Square and always a must is the Hop on Hop Off bus tours. Eating out is a gourmet's dream, restaurants, cafes, bars and coffee shops offer diverse and varying fare at differing price levels. The River Thames divides this mighty city with millions and millions of people living, working and visiting daily. It is HUGE but it offers so much activity you will spend weeks there before you see it all. The transport system offers buses, the underground, trains and of course the Black Cab... or explore it all on foot. London definitely is a city where you will get the best out of your visit by doing your homework before you step foot in it. Save time by having a plan, that way you will not be dismayed when you find it's time to leave and you haven't done all you want to. London has tour operators offering day-trips to many places/attractions so you can get the best of this magnificent city and tourist wonders an hour or two away. London rocks - it is alive, happening and you can experience the history, take advantage of the future or just sit in a park and watch the world go by. Go to London - go soon."
Marlene Rugg says:
"Where can you literally walk the same streets as King Henry VIII and the Beatles? London that is where. It is truly amazing to see and feel the press of this beautiful and historic city that has seen and made history. From Coven Garden to the Eye of London you will never grow borde. They say you can come to London with no where to live and no job and within your first day have both and have found life long friends and after spending just a few days you can trust it is true. From the moment I touched down in London I was spellbound by this living breathing city. Walking through the cathedrals your could touch the tombs of kings and one the streets our history stares you in the face. Lions in Traffalger made from the iron of cannnon balls Napolion sent flying into London. Charring Cross, a testiment to a Kings love for his Queen and her funeral procession home. How could you not love the pulse of London? "
Michaela Manning says:
"I love this place everytime I visit, and never run out of things to do. Absolutly anything you could ever want is all crammed into one place and there is so much diversity and vibrancy that you never are bored! Visit every Museum and Art Gallery you can and remember to wear comfy shoes as you will be walking a lot!"
Kapil Mathur says:
"Its simply amazing. According to me this has to be the best i have ever seen. Its useful,helpful, beautiful..more importantly its user friendly. Just unbelievable!!!"

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