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Lech Travel Guide

Q: Can you tell me please what public transport is available from Innnsbruck airport to Pillerseetal in June time.
A: Trains run all year from Innsbruck airport via Kitzbuhel & Sant Johan.

Virtual Tour of Bridge over river in town centre, Lech, Austria
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John O'Donnell says:
"More than 30 years have passed since my maiden effort at skiing, which happened in Lech. The trip was promoted by an American ex-ski instructor, who used posters to promote the trip. Like most people, I tend to discount such promotional material as being "adjusted" to improve the images. Imagine my surprise when I discovered the posters understated the charm of Lech. Lech is one of those places that the Disney people strive to emulate. It was magic! I had never even seen someone ski in real life (I was raised in the souther U.S.), and following the advice of the organizer, I enrolled in lessons--beginner lessons, of course. All the class members had about the same skill level, which is to say, non-existent. But it was kind of irrelevant, because we all had a great time sharing out ineptitude. And, to my surprise, by the end of the week, I actually skied down a mountain, trying to ignore the toddlers whose skill only made my ineptitude more obvious. We would ski the morning session, halting only for a long, liquid lunch (my first encounter with gluvein). Felt a little like a dodo because I was in the small minority of people who spoke only one language. Still the company was great and the meals were both fun and memorable. I stayed in the Pension Anemone and was introduced to blood oranges for breakfast, and slept on and under those wonderful down-filled things. We could ski from the front door down to where the lessons took place. I feel a little ambivalent about returning. I don't see how any place could live up to my memories of Lech. But then again, it would be great to find out if magic can occur twice. "

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