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Roatan Travel Guide

Q: Where would you recommend for late October without children? I would like sun, blue skies and beach please.
A: In Europe you could try the south of Spain, the Greek islands, Cyprus or Sardinia. Further afield October is a good time to visit Egypt or South Africa. For the trip of a lifetime, why not visit beautiful Patagonia.

Virtual Tour of town & rainforest, Roatan, Honduras
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Lois Ronberg says:
"When you visit the rainforest you should not be too surprised to find yourself drenched. Nothing could have prepared me for how quickly the rain would bucket down in the rainforest near Roatan in Honduras - it saturated my trusty camera and broke it for all time. We arrived in the township, by cruise ship tender, to a local band on the wharf. A women enthusiastically took my camera and offered to take our photo with some gaily, coloured locals. Afterwards she held out her hand for money - I should have known - here was me thinking how friendly they were. Still it was a warm welcome and on to the nearby shops, within the port premises, but the rain came down so we went back to the ship. We returned nearer out tour time which was taking us out to a national park some miles away. We set out in a mini van for which the system is rather casual; you go out with a tour guide who takes you around the park and then you go back to the tourist centre and go back to town on any van which is going at any time. This enables you to do the tour and then mull around the beach, the little market, to spend time relaxing on the beach or at the outdoor restaurant. As we walked over the swing bridge to see the macaws and the monkeys the rain fell out of the sky like you would not believe. So we held the birds and had wet monkeys jumping onto us and stopping a while for keen photographers. Wonderful to see them, pity about the rain. The trees and other colourful foliage in the rainforest were just fantastic; many Iíd never heard of and the camera got a work out before it broke down. On the way back from the rainforest walk we called in to a pirates cave. Not an actual one from the islandís history but the re-creation was authentic and gave us an idea of that side of island life many years ago. The journey back to the port is an eye-opener. Really rickety shacks, some on poles out over the sea - no windows and awfully sad looking homes for those less affluent on the island. We saw people lying underneath the precarious homes and realised this is an island of huge contrasts. Back in the township we went to a covered market with a massive range of tourist souvenirs, food and other local nick-nacks. Roatan is an interesting cruise ship stop, for me I thought the trip to the rainforest an exceptional tour and would recommend this if you are in the Caribbean "

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