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Surfers Paradise, QLD Travel Guide

Q: What is the minimum age you have to be to do the Sydney Harbour Bridge climb?
A: Minimum age is 10 years old and minimum height is 1.2 metres. See the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb website for more details.

Virtual Tour of main beach near Breaker Street, Surfers Paradise, QLD, Australia
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Lois Ronberg says:
"Surfers Paradise is just that, a sun-lovers eden. We visit as a family so it has special memories for me. The best one has to be an early morning spotting - just out from this point in the virutal tour - I saw a pod of about 4 whales swimming along. A lasting memory as I’d never have thought they’d be so close to a busy, public beach. When you stand, sit, laze, swim on the beach at Surfers Paradise you can look for miles to see a never-ending beach. The water’s blue, warm, safe for swimming and all the shops, restaurants, tourist attractions are a just few steps away. We stay in a multi-storey complex from which we stand on the balcony and look down on the buildings between us and the sea, all the beach activities and the meandering river which wends its way through the suburbs and out to sea. Heaven for warm, relaxed and memorable holidays. Some say it is too commercialized, too many people etc etc but when you’re on such a huge, sandy beach there is room for all and I’ve never got the feeling that those alongside me are part of my conversation - there’s tons of room for all. Surfers Paradise has fine sand so you don’t have gritty feet, it doesn’t blow in your eyes and generally it is a comfortable, safe beach to be for just about all the seasons of the year. Most of the hotels, apartments etc are situated all along the front of the beach or very nearby so the view you get from this virtual tour is what you will see from your accommodation with a sea-view accommodation choice. When you get out onto this Surfers Paradise beach don’t be surprised if you hear the Aussie welcome - ‘’Gidday Mate’‘.... you’ll know all is well in paradise - Surfers Paradise, Australia"

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