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Fuerteventura Travel Guide

Q: Where is the nearest, cheapest place to go for guaranteed sun this winter?
A: Nowhere can 100% guarantee sunshine, but if you live in the UK then the Canary Islands are a good bet. See the climate guides at Weather2Travel for more info.

Virtual Tour of Jandia sand carving, Fuerteventura, Spain
 Traveler Reviews and Information
Vicki Loftus says:
"Fuerteventura is a lovely island with a constant cooling breeze. Would definately recomend a visit here "
Donna Brown says:
"Beautiful place, I went there with my family at christmas and we spent the day on the beach. Very friendly citizens and great siteseeing, nice to visit if you have kids. "
yvonne says:
"My eight year old son asked if we had come to the surface of the moon; it is not the prettiest of islands and the wind drove me mad!!!"
Samantha Page says:
"Fuerteventura was one of my best holidays! I visited the country with my friend two years ago and had an amazing time, the weather was ace, and the people were really friendly. We stopped in the Jandia Princess which was a superb hotel which could not be faulted. We stayed all inclusive which I have never done before so I had my doubts, but it was not called for as it was wonderful. My favourite part of the day was mid afternoon, when the heat hot a little too much, so we had a lovely walk along the beech where the sea was really clear and the sand was almost white, and then came back to afternoon tea and a slice of cake overlooking the sea. I would definitely recommend both the hotel and the location. What a holiday!"
wilbert buckingham says:
"These brilliant hand made sand sculptures to be seen every couple of nights. Lovely sunny skies and always the nice breeze to cool you back down. The people are also extremely helpful and friendly."
Iain Sansom says:
"I was in Fuerteventura a few years ago and it was a good holiday apart from one negative... there was a lot of building work going on at that time and the wind was often strong which meant that dust from the building sites was everywhere and always blowing in your face. The location was nice though... lots of very interesting places to visit and the people were most welcoming and friendly"

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