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Q: How do tours of natural hot thermal geysers, such as in Rotorura, NZ run to a timed rota so that when tourist arrive at an advertised time each day, the guide gives his speech, then miraculously the geyser blows??
A: An excellent question considering how difficult nature can be to predict. Our understanding is that geysers that erupt frequently, say 20+ times per day, can often be quite predictable and run more or less to a timetable. For example, itís reckoned that eruptions of the Old Faithful geyser in Yellowstone Park can be predicted within a +/- 10 minute window.

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Mark Aldridge says:
"Definitely recommend helicopter flight over glacier. Even a short trip is more than worth it as you can really appreciate the scale and beauty of the glacier. "
Diana says:
"Silence except for rushing river and creaking ice. No queues or hundreds of tourists. A chance to either walk on the glacier, or walk to the face. What words can explain the beauty of experiencing the geological magnificence of Fox?"
Lois Ronberg says:
"Creaking ice amid the silence. You reach Fox Glacier, on the West Coast of the South Island in New Zealand after a bush walk or drive. After the beauty of the native bush you walk out onto the riverbed to see this cold, icy glacier front. Follow the signs and take the rocky walk up to the face and just appreciate the quiet, the calm and the beauty of the natural glacial creation and the ''ancient'' ecology around you. I've not been up to the actual face but have viewed it from the viewing platform. You can walk on it with guides or fly over it in fixed-wing or helicopter flights. I beleive you can even land on the top of it and have a stroll around. Fox Glacier has ample accommodation, a few miles away from the Fox Glacier and it has other tourist attractions nearby. When on the West Coast, take the time to drive up the side-road and see this glacier which has spent thousands of years moving down the valley and receding back up. It's always on the move, make sure you move yourself up the valley and enjoy a superb, natural attraction on New Zealand's tourist route."

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