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Q: How do tours of natural hot thermal geysers, such as in Rotorura, NZ run to a timed rota so that when tourist arrive at an advertised time each day, the guide gives his speech, then miraculously the geyser blows??
A: An excellent question considering how difficult nature can be to predict. Our understanding is that geysers that erupt frequently, say 20+ times per day, can often be quite predictable and run more or less to a timetable. For example, it’s reckoned that eruptions of the Old Faithful geyser in Yellowstone Park can be predicted within a +/- 10 minute window.

Virtual Tour of Babbling Brook, Fiordland, New Zealand
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Lois R says:
"Icy cold, pure, clean water flowing through pristine, untouched wilderness. Any stream in the Fiordland National Park will be cold - glacial cold as the waters melt off the snowy peaks above, start out as a trickle and end up massive, fast-moving rivers cascading out to sea. As it makes its way to the ocean, water passes through scenic valleys and open plains but the World Heritage Fiordland National Park is where you will see it in its most dramatic setting. Alpine flowers, flora and fauna (some of which only grows in this native-bush clad area) rocky river and creek beds draw only the hardy in to this wilderness in the lower part of New Zealand’s South Island. Te Anau is the ‘gateway’ to Fiordland for motorists but you can trek in from the Queenstown end which takes several days over mountainous country or take a scenic flight and see it all from above. By far the most popular tourist destination is Milford Sound where you can go out on Red Boats to see magnificent waterfalls and sometimes dolphins swimming around as you make your way to Doubtful Sound. Take a magnificent photo of Mitre Peak, also one at Homer Tunnel but lock up your car - the keas (green, native parrots) often attack it for any goodies left lying around. Even your windscreen rubber is not safe! Fiordland’s creeks, rivers, mountains, lakes and rain forest was declared a National Park in 1952 and its 1.2million hectares is administered by the Department of Conservation. When you see the Virtual Tour above, just picture yourself standing beside this icy cold stream, look up at the alpine mountain peaks and experience the majesty and grandeur - it does look idyllic - but be sure to take your insect repellant. Sandflies swarm in menacing black clouds as your vehicle comes to a halt. TIP: keep walking, they don’t bother you so much then."
Yong Sun Yong says:
"Perhaps it is as high as the heaven, to achieve the piece in mind. "

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