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Edinburgh Travel Guide

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Virtual Tour of Waverley Bridge, Edinburgh, Scotland
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Lee Zhao Ming says:
"Edinburgh always reminds me of Harry Potter and, like the books, never fails to fascinate me."
Gerry Ong says:
"Literary tours, pub tours, ghost tours and festivals galore, the City of Edinburgh has it all for those inclined to explore the local culture and its rich history. I'd recommend the hotels along or off Princes Street to get stunning views of the castle. And do take a walking tour as there are lots of interesting places near the city centre all within reach of each other. For a break, a cuppa in the Princes Street gardens at the base of the castle can't be beat."
Rob Taylor says:
"The Scotsman Hotel is on North Bridge in central Edinburgh, Scotland. The Royal Mile and Princes Street, the capital's main shopping street, are just one block from the boutique hotel. The National Gallery of Scotland and St Giles Cathedral are two blocks and Edinburgh Castle is five blocks away. Waverley Bridge railway station is opposite the hotel.' "
"Edinburgh is FAR more attractive than this. It's a gorgeous old city full of modern amenities but small enough to walk to breathtaking countryside. Incredible!"
Nicola Kredler says:
"Edinburgh is home to a number of fantastic hotels, restaurants, museums, clubs and entertainment venues. it is one of the richest historical cities in scotland, there are a number of tours and historical places that show off its vibrant past.' "
Tania Kelly-Baker says:
"this part of edinburgh is great but it can't compete with the castle!"
Michael Henderson says:
"A city that is easy to walk around night or day and is stunningly beautiful from any view point. it is very easy to get lost in the history and culture of the city. I recommend the ghost tours for a experience that is a bit different from the norm.'"

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