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Q: Does it ever stop raining in Ireland?
A: Statistically, YES! On average, there are 129 rain days in Dublin per year which leaves 236 days that should be dry. Lies, damned lies, and statistics!

Virtual Tour of Molly Malone, Dublin, Ireland
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Connor says:
"her t#*s are her main feature. next time im in dublin, ill make sure to get a good shot of me caressing them. "
Deanna Fisher says:
"Oh to go and meet the amazing people in Ireland and see their traits and customs. "
Lois R says:
"''Cockles, mussels, alive, alive, O''. How does the Molly Malone statue fit into Dublin’s tourism and why does the fishy ditty come to mind? What draws people to the corner of Suffolk and Grafton Streets, opposite Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland? Dubliners are fond of her, visitors like to photograph her so expect to jostle for position when getting your photos of this life-size busty and beautiful Molly Malone statue designed by Jeanne Rynhart who captured her in delightful 17th century dress, pushing her barrow. She’s not going far these days but legend has it that she was the daughter of fishmongers who followed them into the trade, pushing her barrow along the narrow, cobbled streets of Dublin until she died of cholera. She’s mentioned in the Cockles and Mussels song, popular with Dubliners and some even claim it as their anthem. Was she part of history or just a legend? To help you make up your mind, take a walk around to the Dublin Information Centre where you’ll find out all you need to know about her and many other aspects of this cosmopolitan Irish city. I was so impressed with the information centre, one of the best I’ve visited. It has heaps of historical information, tours in Dublin and beyond; you can book your tours on the spot and buy all sorts of Irish souvenirs. Seven languages are spoken so staff can give personal advice, including information about the Dublin Pass, to help you get the best out of your visit.The centre is not far from Molly Malone’s statue, just past Grafton Street, on Suffolk Street. So, you too can walk the streets of Dublin, only leave your barrow back at the accommodation."
Patrick Mckeown says:
"Young, trendy, chic… Dublin? Oh yes. Dublin might look like the old grey town of Europe, but don’t be fooled – this is a city on the move. Its nightlife is famous, its museums are impressive, its restaurants creative and its shops well worth your time. And as for the Guinness…you’ll never taste better."

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