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Q: Does it ever stop raining in Ireland?
A: Statistically, YES! On average, there are 129 rain days in Dublin per year which leaves 236 days that should be dry. Lies, damned lies, and statistics!

Virtual Tour of Guiness Storehouse, Dublin, Ireland
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victoria cowan says:
"GO TO TEMPLE bar!! amazing shopping, alternative and vintage shops and fantastic little quirky cafes, cafe IRie is my favourite and then in the evening excellent irish music...of course BONO's club is just a step away, the kitchen... from there you can go to George street which is also sneakily packed with exciting shopping gems and interesting sights..."
Lois R says:
"It would take a few pints of Guinness for me to yearn to be inside a pint glass. At the Guinness Storehouse the promise of a free drink at the top led me enthusiastically into and upwards inside the novelty building modelled on a pint glass. The first Storehouse at St James Gate Brewery in Dublin was built in 1904 to accommodate Guinness’s fermentation process and it successfully did so for many decades. In November 2000 the new Guinness Storehouse opened and its massive steel beams which support the building have been intriguing visitors since then as they meander through seven floors to a free Guinness, in the Gravity Bar. What an unusual experience this favoured tourist attraction is. On the ground floor you see a variety of exhibitions and visit the shop; first floor concentrates on the brewing process, a tasting laboratory, Guinness transportation and a look at the Craft Cooper; see Guinness advertising on the second floor; the Choice Zone is on the third floor which asks you to think about how much you drink; the Story of the Building is told on floor four while you can find out how to pour your Guinness on the fifth level, also hosting the Source Bar and Brewery Bar. Walk a while and you’ll find yourself on the seventh floor in the Gravity Bar - what a treat is in store here when you imbibe your free Pint of Guinness. I had a long chat with the barman as he poured my pint, with a little four-leaf clover crafted in the froth, then I saw some of the most stunning aspects of Dublin set out before me, what a sight from so far above the city. Ponder a while, over your pint, that you are standing in a huge pint glass and if it was filled to the top with lovely black Guinness there’d be 14.3 million pints around you. What a headache that would deliver! Do go to Dublin and visit the Guinness Storehouse - see a highly interesting building, learn a lot and enjoy the host's best brew - enjoy the Irish crack! "
Tracy Henderson says:
"Dublin is a place that everyone should visit at least once. The atmosphere is amazing. You will have one of the best nights out of your life!"
Totir Alexandru says:
"WOW! This place is awesome. You're having a drink on the top of Dublin. How cool is that :)"
Guy Dickerson says:
"Oooh lovely! "

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