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Dublin Travel Guide

Q: Does it ever stop raining in Ireland?
A: Statistically, YES! On average, there are 129 rain days in Dublin per year which leaves 236 days that should be dry. Lies, damned lies, and statistics!

Virtual Tour of Bank of Ireland, House of Lords Chamber, Dublin, Ireland
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Lois Ronberg says:
"Dublin is a ''cracker'' of a place. The Irish 'crack' is welcoming from the moment you step into the city. I went on my own so could explore it as my leisure - and I did. Loved Dublin Castle tour where they still hold meetings of international note today, there are to cathedrals near to each other - has to be unique in a city that! Shopping is good, little side streets add to the experience; saw a street urchins fight in one of these and have to say it soured the visit just a touch. Dublin is picturesque on the banks of the Liffey (I think it' called!) and a day or two spent holidaying here was truly memorable. It's a good base for seeing other parts on day trips on either the trains or buses.... get some Irish 'crack' into your life - visit Dublin and bask in the friendliness all around."
Aminuddin Baharudin says:
"Dublin is a rather interesting place. I have been there once with my whole family. Although the place itself is high-class with expensive food and clothes, it is a truly interesting experience to be there. The Bank of Ireland is a good example... the architecture of the whole building is a masterpiece! So remember, Dublin is a nice place to relax and experience something new, but be ready to face the high prices."
steph welsh says:
"I must say I was disappointed with Dublin in that it was expensive to eat and drink out but also that I met more other nationalities than those of the Emerald Isle. If I was to go again I would probably recommend travelling outside of the city to experience the true Ireland."

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