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London Travel Guide

Q: Where would you recommend for late October without children? I would like sun, blue skies and beach please.
A: In Europe you could try the south of Spain, the Greek islands, Cyprus or Sardinia. Further afield October is a good time to visit Egypt or South Africa. For the trip of a lifetime, why not visit beautiful Patagonia.

Virtual Tour of Canary Wharf, London, England
 Traveler Reviews and Information
San Fran says:
"Keep working ,great job! Are you gonna be in the San Francisco area this NYE? "
halloween san francisco says:
"Hello there,very nice place. Have a Happy Halloween! "
James Marsden says:
"Canary Warf is just a giant office block, fun to look at for about 5 seconds but you'll quickly tire of it and want to see some of the decent sites of London"
maya says:
"canary warf is the best building in london"
Emma Bennett says:
"It always seems strange to Londoners like myself that remember it not being as posh years ago!"
Emily Fenton says:
"I hate all these buildings...o how i wish the weather was like that right now haha"
Abhineet singh says:
"This place ought to be the finest place in london with many tallest buildings. Just go out and check out this place. a cool place to hang out."
james says:
"i think this is the most spectaular view i have ever seen in my life. it shows no levels of pollution and have a very nice atmosphere the building looks crystal clear and the skys are blue as the sea."
LISA says:
"good place to visit when in london."
Marta says:
"This part of London is like a small New York."
Emma Tustian says:
"During the week you get a real picture of what Canary Wharf is like. It's much spookier on a Sunday when the City's empty"
Henry Elliott says:
"Pretty amazing place but I wouldn't like to work here. Similar to the docklands in the evening, it can feel very deserted sometimes."
Leah Nevill says:
"london is almost like a small new york with its tall buildings and moden look a great place for all holiday makers"
Paul Strange says:
"That building there - No its gone. Hang on its coming around again - just there, no the one next to it. Now its gone again, Anyway it is the tallest building in the UK! There it is again...."
Carla says:
"Always buzzing with life and loads to do,The canary wharf can entertain the whole family."

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