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Q: I shall travelling from Abbeville to Orleans on Aug 15th 2011. Can I reasonably expect there to be Diesel available for refuelling please?
A: Yes. It is about a 3 hour drive and there are plenty of fuel service areas on the excellent French motorways. Try to stop either before or after Paris though. Alternatively, take the National roads instead which are much more picturesque and have no toll charges.

Virtual Tour of Nonza - Genoese Tower, Corsica, France
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Lieselotte says:
"Corsica is an island of contrasts, where french is the language and its heart is italian"
Aminuddin Baharudin says:
"Oh my god. Nonza is beautiful! I have been to france before but never Corsica. This view of Nonza from the Geonese Tower is breathtaking. I would love to travel to Corsica and if i did, i would certainly stop by Nonza."
meng says:
"Corsica is perhaps best known as the birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte, that left the island at the age of 9. This period of Napoleon's life, during which he gradually elevated himself from lieutenant to captain, is more interesting in terms of the events that occurred in his homeland. In 1786, Carlo Buonaparte died suddenly and prematurely, and the 17 yr. old Napoleon was burdened with maintenance of his family, which his body was returned to corsica. Corsica, a region of France, was ruled over the centuries by the Carthaginians, Romans, Vandals, Goths and Saracens. It was eventually sold to France by the Genoese. As an island, Corsica has enjoyed a turbulent past. There is plenty of evidence of early settlement in Corsica, with menhirs and dolmen being found in several locations. The island was occupied by Greeks and Romans. The Genoese regained the island in 1347, and ruled it - with a brief intervention by the French in 1553 until 1729, the year of the Corsican revolution for independence. There followed a turbulent forty years of struggle by the Corsicans, under the leadership of Pascal Paoli who governed independent Corsica from 1755 to 1768 and gave it its constitution modelled on that of England."

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