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Cozumel Travel Guide

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Virtual Tour of town & waterfront, Cozumel, Mexico
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Lois Ronberg says:
"Being a cruise ship visitor doesn’t give you long to get an indepth look at the ports you are visiting but at Cozumel, in Mexico, the vibrancy you expect of Mexico is laid out before you, on a long, interesting strip. The sea is on one side and many tourist shops, tour operators, cafes, bars and restaurants ensure there is plenty to do whether you are there for a short stay or you book in for longer. We arrived early one morning on a cruise ship and the town was waiting for us. Touting tour operators every few hundred yards and in front of every shop a local ‘inviting you in’ for bargains galore. We had looked up a snorkelling day out on the ocean, got an internet price and took along our printed information only to find it cost heaps more when you buy it on the day. Anyway we wanted to go so we paid but sadly the sea came up rough so we asked if we should still go out - the answer was a resounding yes. Six Americans in their senior years joined us on the glass bottom boat. As we prepared to leave it all turned to custard and my niece and I were nearly killed as the boat next to us swung around, it would have hit me in the head if the alert American opposite me had not yelled me instructions to duck. Sadly, we got no further than that, we got off as the trip ended rather dramatically and abruptly. This gave us more time to relax in a traditional Mexican restaurant for lunch and then a long exploration of the shops which is quite a travel experience in itself. Look for pottery, jewellery, leather and delightful clothing styles. As we walked along we saw a superb demonstration of Mexican dance as some beautifully dressed women in national costume danced on the pavement - so authentic and enjoyable. Be aware of the price of jewellery here. Cozumel Mexicans start off with prices in the many hundreds and you can barter down to what they really should be - in our case USA$40. We declined a sale and left one shop with a man running down the road after us, he grabbed my niece's arm and dropped his price dramatically. No remained my firm answer with a stern order to take his arm off my niece. Cozumel is colourful, vibrant, exciting and definitely memorable for its pace of life, beautifully set beside azure blue waters and the food was fantastic. Seen from the cruise ship, it stretches along the coastline, the buildings are fresh, clean and mostly white with some colourful orange and blues - lovely memory. "

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