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Q: I shall travelling from Abbeville to Orleans on Aug 15th 2011. Can I reasonably expect there to be Diesel available for refuelling please?
A: Yes. It is about a 3 hour drive and there are plenty of fuel service areas on the excellent French motorways. Try to stop either before or after Paris though. Alternatively, take the National roads instead which are much more picturesque and have no toll charges.

Virtual Tour of Aiguille du Midi 3842m - view to Mont Blanc, Chamonix, France
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barb derick says:
"i went with dawson college and champlain cegep /montreal to Chamonix in 1976. I went to the top of this mountain it was so scary and awesome.the gondola was not held up by anything it was just on cables. MY CAMERA DID NOT WORK DO YOU BELIEVE IT. My batteries died. We stayed outside of chamonix about 30 to 100 minute outside by bus. There was a ski hill right there no need for gondola it was a cute little village not far from chamonix anyone know where I was we stayed in a big hotel penson type place with place to eat, lots of rooms older. we had four to five girls to room right on main road there was a bar disco in town and a few shops .ski bus would come thru to take you to other hills i have no pictures and no idea where we stayed. But I will never forget going up to top of that mountain it was unreal some of the group skiied down the glacier I was too chicken you can fall in the crevices if not with a guide. no thanks it was a great experience go go go see it"

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