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Virtual Tour of Hell Rock, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
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Lois Ronberg says:
"Itís not very often you get the chance to go to Hell and return. Most will try to stay away from it when planning their everlasting life. If you want to enjoy your current travel life, forget the afterlife and head for Hell on Grand Cayman Island. We saw it on the internet and thought the idea of sending friends a postcard from Hell a travel story worthy of our journal. On the way to Hell, we visited the new dolphin attraction. I am not keen on penning wild creatures for the entertainment of humans but I did go in with my niece and have to say the huge pools, and the way the staff seemed to treat the dolphins was acceptable to me. In fact these mighty sea animals seemed to be keen to share the fun and games of fantastic gymnastic leaps and turns with everyone around several pools. Whatever your views, animal welfare seems to have been addressed in the design of this new attraction. Next we had a stop at a rum factory/shop where we had a taste of delicious rum cake, well several tastes actually which we complemented with and all sorts of flavours of rum liqueurs too. Just as well the stop was short or we may have been a bit tiddly in Hell. The little post office is a busy place as lots of tourists pop in to have their post card stamped HELL as a posting destination - we did too, of course, before walking out the back to see the aptly named rocks of Hell. The area is close to the post office, it is not huge but it is rather peculiar. Youíll see the sharp, craggy, dark rocks in the 360o photo provided here. From the viewing ramp you look down into pools of water, there are trees and bush all around. There is one house which actually has its deck out over the rocks of Hell. I was most amused because, as you stand by the little, well stocked tourism shop, you look over to one side and there is a big, red shed with a huge sign - HEAVEN - written on it. Thereís a welcoming sign offering you another choice! What a place to be - standing on the line with the choice of going to Heaven or Hell before you. We chose to get back on the bus for a tour back in to Georgetown, the capital of Grand Cayman. Do go to Hell, when next you are in Grand Cayman. Everyone on our tour must have been good tourists because we were allowed out of Hell to continue our interesting island tour. Heavenly it was too! "

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