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Grand Cayman Travel Guide

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A: London and Paris consistently beat New York as the most visited cities, but according to Forbes Traveler it is Times Square in New York that takes the prize for most popular tourist attraction.

Virtual Tour of Georgetown, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
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Lois Ronberg says:
"The Cayman Islands is a financial strong point on the global world stage but when you walk around its capital, Georgetown, there is nothing obvious to show this fact about its current existence. Thereís over 600 banks here but as a cruise ship visitor these are not on show, the fantastic duty-free shopping is as you walk along the seafront and meander down side streets in this modern, interesting town. I felt it had a bit of a colonial feel about it! Historically the Cayman Islands (Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman) were discovered when, on 10th May, 1503 Christopher Columbus called in on his fourth and final visit to the New World. Since then it has had a varied history but nowadays it is a cruise ship favourite: the day we went there were five huge cruise ships anchored off the town. You go in on a tender which arrives in the middle of the extremely diverse shopping/retail centre. There are statues, canon and other historic pieces to explore as you wander along the shopping area and lots of extremely well presented duty-free shops - quality jewellery, crystal, stylish clothing and other specialist shops add to the shopping experience. We explored a shopping Ďarcadeí where we found a huge cage with live, huge, ugly iguanas which lazed away on big branches, they never moved as a rain shower fell down on them. Georgetown is the capital of the Cayman Islands. Around 51,000 people live in the three islands and those in Georgetown are well served for banks, government offices, historic buildings and, on a non-cruise day, leisurely shopping. We strolled a little further out of town and came upon an open fish-market which was right on the beach so people would be able to drive up, select fresh fish from the many stalls and take it home to cook while it was at its best. Good photo opportunity here as I like locals at their work as there is a certain authentic look to the photo album when you capture people in their natural environment. You can book tours for just about anything in Georgetown but we did notice that the underwater activities are on offer all over town. The Cayman Islands lie 480 miles south of Miami, just beyond Cuba and 189 miles northwest of Jamaica. "

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