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Canterbury Travel Guide

Q: Where is the most child friendly city?
A: This may be an unsual point of view but we think London is one of the most child friendly cities in the world. It may sometimes be expensive, but a host of free attractions including the British Museum, the Imperial War Museum & Tate Britain, plus a plethora of parks & other open spaces, help to make London a truly family friendly destination.

Virtual Tour of Christchurch Gate, Canterbury, United Kingdom
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Lois Ronberg says:
"History takes me back to the kings, bishops, church elders, parishioners, locals and visitors who walked through Christchurch Gate hundreds of years before me - how humble that makes me feel. From Buttermarket Square you have magnificent, historic views around all the old buildings which front onto the square and dominating them all is the welcoming entrance to Canterbury Cathedral which is Christchurch Gate. Fittingly there is a large, newer, bronze figure of Christ amid older architecture including little statues, all dedicated to the last Patron of the cathedral, Prince Arthur, a brother to Henry the VIII. This 1517 gate has two pillars on the third storey so it is a very tall edifice. A hint of the grandeur that you will see inside the church - including a lit candle marking the spot where Thomas Beckett was horrendously murdered while praying! Because the gate forms a narrow entrance to the cathedral grounds it is quite busy so I recommend you take your photos before you enter as it is a bit difficult to do so inside. When we were there lots of people were arranging their entrance so space is a premium inside the gate. Canterbury Cathedral holds special memories for me as we were there on the day that locals came to a special hops thanksgiving. Jovial Morris dancers were performing all around the grounds and then they formed a procession to go inside the Cathedral for the service. Colourful, noisy and so joyous and one of those things you cannot arrange from searching a tourist book or researching on the Internet. Better is the surprise of finding itís there on the day you are. After youíve been into the cathedral, consider a walk down nearby medieval Mercery Street which adds to the historic theme of your Christchurch Gate at Canterbury Cathedral visit."
Leanne says:
"I think personally Canterbury kent is one of the best cities to visit. It has some many historic features to fill people with vast amounts of history. Plus it is full of shop and plenty of places to eat."

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