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Buenos Aires Travel Guide

Q: If we wanted to fly to Mendoza Argentina from Washington D.C. with making a stop in between to make the trip not so long how would we do it?
A: There is no obvious mid-distance stopping off point. You could go via Miami or Mexico City but these are not really half way. If flying direct to Argentina you will probably be stopping in Buenos Aires to make the connection on to Mendoza. Again, this is not even close to half way though.

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LydiaA says:
"Another genuinly beautiful country saving up to visit here as i have heard great feedback from friends and family, my two destinations yet for me to travel is here and Egypt as i have mentioned in my other reviews. Argentina has it's eye catching high-top rocks and mountains, for anyone looking for adventurous rock climbing should definantly visit here. So i've been told. I know im getting my hicking shoes on. A good way of getting around in any chosen destination is to play a game, where you pick a letter from the alphabet say, A and then you must find a top attraction to visit. When i visit somewhere i have to pick a destination in that country beginig with a letter in the alphabet. For example if I go to Argentina i have to pick a top attraction that starts with the letter A and then all the way to Z. You may think it's a bit stupid but then again it's worthwile knowing you've visited most of the best places they have. Caution- only do this if you have money for fuel, or else you may have taken my advise and found out that your stuck in the middle of nowhere, with just four useless tyres!"

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