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Q: How far is it from the port of Calais to Brussels?
A: If you take the motorway, the drive from Calais in France to Brussels in Belgium is about 120 miles or 195 km.

Virtual Tour of Galeries Saint Hubert, Brussels, Belgium
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Lois Ronberg says:
"A glass gallery of great grandeur - Galieries St Hubert in Brussels is just so beautiful with its discerning shops, hospitable cafes and bars set among the superb architectural, covered shopping complex in the heart of Brussels main shopping centre. Near The Grand Place, these shops are a must when in Brussels - just for its architectural splendour of many thousands of glass panels in the roof, tall, brown marble panels and large pillars. It was one of many Brussels galleries in the 1800s but now only three remain. Construction started in 1846 and Galieries St Hubert was opened in 1847, with a palace-like facade, as a shopping area with accommodation above the shops... and remains today with a motto “Everything for Everybody’‘ . Shops here are rather upmarket, well presented window displays suggest opulence... the chocolate shop is divine from the window view to the stunning selection in the beautifully arranged tiers of tasty chocolates and stunning packaging. Cafes and bars offer delightfully set tables inside and ‘’outdoors’‘ in the pedestrian area on the two main 100 metre sections: Kings Gallery and Queens Gallery with a smaller Princes Gallery - I think this is the one you turn into and alongside the gallery you will find the delightful narrow lanes area of restaurants, bars and cafes with smartly dressed ‘’hosts’‘ trying to lure you in for meals. Touting on a large scale! I particularly remember the stunning fish displays outside some of these restaurants and of course you are offered a free wine or beer if you choose particular restaurants. Galieries St Hubert is architecturally old but shopping here is right up to the minute offering a special Brussels shopping experience."

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