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Brussels Travel Guide

Q: How far is it from the port of Calais to Brussels?
A: If you take the motorway, the drive from Calais in France to Brussels in Belgium is about 120 miles or 195 km.

Virtual Tour of Mannekin Pis, Brussels, Belgium
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Lois Ronberg says:
"He’s only little but his reputation is huge. People come from all over the world and seek out this Brussels landmark - Manneken Pis. How to put it politely? It is a small, bronze statue of a little boy, urinating into a basin in front of the fountain. Why on earth should such an insignificant little person, showing off to the world as he shares a bodily function with global visitors, be of interest and how long has he been doing this? Ask locals and you will get a variety of stories behind this unusual tourist attraction but it does seem that the current statue is not the first on this site but he has stood here since 1619 when his creator Jerome Duquesnoy introduced him to Brussels and the world. Fable involves several possible stories and all are set around a little boy urinating so I guess you will have to visit, talk to locals and make up your own mind why he is so revered. To be perfectly honest, I was disappointed in the ‘’boy’‘ part of the fountain. I liked the ornate environment including his archway he stands in and the old wrought iron fence around the fountain, but I was expecting at least a ‘’child sized’‘ statue. Sometimes he is dressed up to suit certain events but on the two occasions I’ve taken friends to see him he has been nude and happily watering away into the fountain. A shopkeeper told me there is 15 gallons per hour of water falling into the basin below Manneken Pis so that is quite a reputation he has to live up to! Be assured you will have a massive variety of souvenirs to chose from as he ‘does his thing’ on many Brussels tokens - I have him in a Brussels lace piece, in a frame on my wall. Manneken Pis is on the corner of Rue de Letare/Stoofstraat and Rue de Chene/Eikstraat, down a neat little cobbled street off Grand Place. When you get there he is on the corner of a building but spend some time looking at the old, lovely buildings which are attractive enough as a tourist attraction. I like to see the expressions on faces and reactions when people turn the corner and see him for the first time - giggles are plentiful and cameras quick to click."
ashleygerrald says:
"We also plan to take a full-day tour from Brussels to explore Luxembourg and the picturesque Ardennes region."
Zakiyia says:
"this looks like a place where you can enjoy yourself"
F James says:
"I was a bit dissapointed by the Mannequin Pis.. It's tiny! Why is it so famous anyway?"

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