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Bruges Travel Guide

Q: How far is it from the port of Calais to Brussels?
A: If you take the motorway, the drive from Calais in France to Brussels in Belgium is about 120 miles or 195 km.

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Stu Bowker says:
"Bruges is an amazing town with a surprising amount to offer any traveller. Inspired by the film "In Bruges" myself and three mates drove over (ferry to Dunkirque) in just a few hours for what would be a surprisingly amazing long weekend. We managed to see a lot of the set locations from the film, climbed to the top of the bell tower, and tried out a few brewery tours but the highlight was the trip to the Chip Museum. Yes, possibly the worst museum on earth, but it simply has to be seen by any visitor to Bruges. Within minutes you'll be so bored of looking at potatoes that you simply can't turn around and leave, there's a mystical starchy power keeping you in there. Amazing. Although not the cheapest town on earth it's certainly worth a weekend getaway. "
Robert Stoker says:
"I am one of thousands of disabled travellers - I am blind (I use the computer with special talking software) I'd like to mention the fantastic service I recieved on my latest visit to Belgium, crossing from Hull on the overnight ferry I was taken to a very luxurious cabin, I was assigned a member of staff who showed me around most of the ship. On arrival in Belgium I was taken by Taxi to my Hotel and was then left to make my own plans, I travelled around very well and was never short of company by these amazingly friendly people, Hotel was fantastic, food was unbelievable and the choice of souveniers and gifts was good. Only one complaint about the country was a shortage of disabled toilets. "
Colette Booth says:
"Bruges - a cultured, gentle city with some of the best food in the world (France look out!) and one of the friendliest welcomes. A chocoholic's paradise (with countless chocolate shops selling fabulous Belgian chocolate in every shape imaginable - yes really!), oodles of distinctive beers and hand-made lace, it is a nicer, continental version of York. Horse-drawn carriage trips and boats on the sparkling canals are just two of the activities which make this a unique city."
Jessica B says:
"Belgium is a lovely place to visit… the street markets are fantastic to look at and so are the street shows. I have been with my family and would definitely go back again… the food isnt expensive and the people are lovely too."
Jim Farley says:
"awesome belgium beers"

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